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  1. I never did get the fascination of moving up the ranks early if you are consistantly making coin at one level. If you are making money and are playing well and within the confines of your bankroll, you should stay put. As long as you are making profit at your current level, you will be moving up the ranks in no time. I learned my lesson a long time ago moving up to higher levels too soon -- it led to a lot of headaches and a depleted bankroll. The reason for staying at a level until you hit a certian threshold goes beyond over-extending yourself. If you are moving up, not only have you hi
  2. Perhaps I should clarify. You are correct in saying that you are going to see a lot of people coming along for the ride in the lower stakes, and that is what you want when you have the goods. I guess my point is more so that the people at the higher stakes games are still going to call if you are giving them the appropriate odds to call the bet. You have to make sure your "play" is making sense for it to be believable. If it doesn't, it won't matter what limits you are playing -- you will lose. These things are the same regardless of the limits. Of course there are differences in play f
  3. This post is, quite frankly, hilarious. To in essence say "I can't beat a lower level, so I am going to move up and play better competition because they will respect my play more" is absolutely ridiculous. A suggestion -- truly evaluate your play. When reviewing my hand histories, I ask myself "would I make that call against me" and calculate the other persons odds to see if they are indeed making a +EV call. Most of the time, they aren't -- and that puts a smile on my face. My final advice - stay put; the game is the same regardless of the stakes. You have to be able to understand the
  4. I believe I have an answer to the "Don't Quite Know What I'm Doing Wrong" question. But first, I have a couple questions for you:1) Are you truly being subjective when reviewing your own hands? When I am watching your hand history earlier in the thread, I am noticing a very passive style of play pre-flop. I know you said earlier in the thread that you aren't always "limp happy". If that is the case, I will need to see more hands to get a true guage of what you are doing.2) From the sounds of it, it sounds like you are on the receiving end of a lot of "bad beats". How bad are these beats
  5. I am assuming that you are referring to NL Hold'em when you are talking about tournament vs. cash, but I guess this would hold true to all. I think that in a cash (ring) setting, people in general are a little more apt to call you down due to the reload factor. With that said, you should probably play a little more tighter and definitely aggressively when you do have it in a ring game and be a little less forceful on the bluffs/semi-bluffs. Read your table, figure out what you can get away with and exploit the weaknesses of your opponents. To answer your question, I believe that tournament
  6. I am railing both events -- looking strong in both. GL to you sir!
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