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  1. No, it's because he speaks English. Ever tried speaking English to a French person? They understand you perfectly well, but they just refuse to speak English. Arrogant lot, they are.
  2. Fleur

    Cologne Advice

    Only if you're wearing Lacoste essential.... and arriving at Schiphol Airport....
  3. Fleur

    Cologne Advice

    Any man wearing this is immediatly abducted and sexually assaulted by me.
  4. Haven't played it. I'm waiting for the price to go down. I've seen some reviews though. They say it's very different from the other RE's. Mainly because you now have to play with two characters that work together as a team, instead of one. Gamespot has a nice video review about it.I've played FEAR files for a few hours. Nice game That slowmotion never gets old! Also bought Deadspace today at a discount. Haven't played it yet though.
  5. I'm playing Fable (1) for the fourth time. Still love it. Way better than Fable 2 which I find terrible.Ordered F.E.A.R. Files today (Xbox360). I'll get it tomorrow. I wonder if that's any good but I could get it cheap.
  6. lol. She does all these shows about food and vitamins and what have you, and then she gives America free fastfood coupons.... I smell hypocrisy here.
  7. Fleur

    Hair Cut

  8. We collected flippo's. We never had baseballcards (we don't even have baseball here as far as I know).
  9. Fleur

    Hair Cut

    I don't believe you. I need proof that you really did go for that hairstyle.
  10. Fleur

    Hair Cut

    Whats with the sandwiches and haircuts? You need to eat after because you used so much energy sitting in a seat getting your hair cut?Also, very important: what hairstyle are you going for? Something like this:Or this?:This information is crucial for this thread to work.
  11. Fleur

    Danny Gans Rip

    gans [nf] (goose) web-footed long-necked typically gregarious migratory aquatic birds usually larger and less aquatic than ducks. http://lookwayup.com/lwu.exe/lwu/toEng?s=d...s&slang=Nld
  12. Most likely Americans. But atleast that way I didn't inherit some of that ugly personality.
  13. I posted that he was dead already, but thnx anyway.
  14. He ran through 2 iron fences first, that's how the car got so beat up. It's estimated he drove about 70km/ph. I don't know how much that is in miles/ph though.
  15. So if a holiday is very important, it must also be old? Because it can't be important if it isn't atleast 300 years old? Right....Also, the guy died tonight. So we will never know why.It just all doesn't make any sense though. Let's look at the options:[a] It was unintentional -> he fainted or something while behind the wheel. This is not very logical, because it was said that he tried to pass a barricade earlier but got send away by the guards. So if it was an accident, why did he try to drive through the barricade earlier? It was intentional -> he was trying to hit/hurt/kill the royal
  16. this kinda shows (in a funny way) how important it is to us.skip to 2.10
  17. The man that took the picture of the guy in the car says that there is no way he spoke after the accident.He doubts wether or not it's true what the police say that the guy told an officer he did it on purpose. He says the guy looked dead and didn't move.edit: I wonder when the first conspiracy theorist shows up.
  18. It was in Apeldoorn, I don't know where your family lives, but I hope they're okay.
  19. There's something to be said for that, but I'd still like to know why from his mouth. I hope he'll be paralyzed from the neck down or something. Even if he's psychotic (although the police have stated during a press conference he's not, which I find weird, cause how the hell do they know, but whatever).Even then I'd like to hear it from him.edit: News just came through: 5 dead at the moment. The person that died wasn't the guy that did it. He's still in critical condition.
  20. Officially he isn't dead yet, I just assume that's what happend. It would be very dumb if they killed him with the whole country watching and wondering why he did it though.
  21. We don't have the death penalty. He wasn't braindead in the car, he was brought to hospital, then they performed surgery on him and he then became braindead most likely. But like I said: that's a rumor.
  22. Latest news is that the guy that did it is in critical condition.Word on the street is that he's already braindead.Amongst the wounded are 6 men, 4 women and 3 children. I hope the guy doesn't die. Dude deserves to be punished and I'd like to know what kind of sick motive he had for this.
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