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  1. ill be moving to albuquerque from san jose , ca in a month or so, hows the action in new mexico? good rooms? players?
  2. ive played at the bay 101 a few times, i even won 1 tourney there, seesm really nice, you guys been to garden city in san jose? i heard its ok but i hear its not better than bay101 so ive never went
  3. i have 1000 dollars to start out as my bankroll, i havent played cash gms except for home gms, ive played 7 tournamenys(cardroom) and won once (3000) havent placed in money other times. i know the answer but i still wana ask, wpt is coming to san jose and theres a 1000 buy in tourney, shoud i spend all money on it, or be smarter and play cash gms till i can afford a 1000 buy in tourney? i know i probably should just build money up but wpt only comes once a yr and damn it would be fun :(other question is ok ive read books played online some (dont like it myself) rather play live, but which limi
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