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  1. your getting just under 4 to 1 to call. I think I call here
  2. I don't think a pot sized bet oop with a pair of 2's is standard. he has $2 left you def shoveand as far as the turn, you check then call .25 after betting pot on the flop? If you really think you have the best hand raise him, and if you don't think you do, you don't have the math to call I dont see how you can think your ahead he bets .25 into 1.50 after you bet pot on the flop, and he called. The .25 looks like he wants a call. Also its possible none of your outs are good.I don't like the play on the flop or the turn. Though leading the river is fine, and then shovehow is he a random
  3. he called a pot sized bet with 5 outs going to the turn? thats not profitable, and on the turn hes getting 7 to one, to make an 8 to 1 call. If your gonna argue implied odds to justify either call then when you hit your dream out I dont see how your not shoving, esp with his stack
  4. the call pre flop is okwhy are you check raising here? and if your going to check raise i think the amound is to smalland you def fold to the shove. unless you think your ace is good. then you can call, but i think thats a pretty bold assumption. I call his bet here, and re evaluate the turn
  5. so you play 2 7 ? then call two bets with bottom pair? river trips and your asking for advice now? if your going this far with it, shove for his last $2
  6. Value bet the river for sure. I think you bet to much though. I think half pot to three quarter pot at most. hes not checking if he hit trips or caught a boat. You have shown no aggression in the hand at all, he has no reason to think you will bet and he can check raise you. I think a half pot bet gets a call by a 10 pocket jacks or queens.
  7. He obv could have floated you with ax here but Im really not giving him credit for an 8 or 55. Im check calling. If you bet hes folding all hands you beat, by checking I think he will bet as he did, and im calling and check calling river. Im showing this down, and I am not ever reraising the turn, and im not a huge fan of shoving the river as only better hands call, I dont think your getting ax to fold to a river shove, but somthing like AJ suited could check behind and save you some of your stack
  8. I just worry aboout the sb check here. your still 3 way at this point, thats the only reason I feel like I could get away from this hand. Again though I think you have to reraise the flop.ps Do u go to uwl? I lived in la crosse on 10th one summer
  9. Im not sure who youur talking to here.I didnt play the flop at allI never don't re raise the flop
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