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  1. Paul Brevard"Being a Christian is not just about following Christ but trying to imitate him. I believe that he loves EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH THE SAME! People may not believe in him, but he believes in them. I also believe that people do terrible things every day that they are judged for and I also know that every time I tell a little white lie it's still a sin no matter how I try to cover it up. I don't think we were called here to preach about Hell and all the bad we do. I believe we are taught to preach the GOOD NEWS that Christ is coming again one day and that he gave us a free wi
  2. intresting enough, I saw daniel was viewing this topic, then the other god one under it. but no response. your thoughts?
  3. this is about his recent blog, and a video blog i watched tonight. you talk about faith.. and I was wondering if you would call yourself a christian, and what kind of christian? because I grew up in a prodasent (horrible speller) church and such. How you feel about keeping the faith and being a poker player.. when did you make this choice to be a christian? i've always enjoyed deep talks about faith and God, being christian. its hard to explain how I feel about the subject, i have a attachment and almost need to be talking about it, even though i don't claim to be a christian in this poin
  4. wahh wahh freerolls... gimme gimme gimme.a-ha. I play on fulltilt so I don't want to have to deposit on stars just to play with you fellas.WAaaaah, freeroll. happy?
  5. isn't the password just fcpfcp , and then its not a freeroll? its a 10-something?
  6. when, where, and whats the password? and then whats the prizes?
  7. Daniel, heres an idea.. Have you considered hosting a private freeroll or tournament for DN fans?? the password would be posted in the forums and you could even show and play to support us fans. Idk about anyone else, but this sounds like a fun event. Let me know what you think DN.
  8. idk about you, but if our country got invaded i would be right there with anyone else rdy to fight at the blink of an eye.
  9. least daniel can get an easy lay..husband or not..
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