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  1. Bit odd he didnt empty your account. Why were you sending him money in the first place? Staking him into tournaments? Be very careful who you deal with when sending money. A lot of people are untrustworthy.Also I wouldn't mention to support that you were using Teamviewer and he had access to your account. Pretty sure that is against the terms and conditions in some way.
  2. Whilst that limp call and then min bet/call the flop could definitely be flush I think it's a ton of other stuff too. Weak queens, straight draws, maybe a 9. Most of these hands will have some outs and will usually call a shove. The times you're ahead outweigh the times you are behind, you're gonna be raking in chips when you shove here.
  3. Shove the turn and don't see river. On river you're calling 2300 into 6800 so he needs to be bluffing/behind ~25% or more of the time for this to be a call. Completely player dependent and very close regardless. A normal range here is going to be pretty polarised between big diamond hands and bluffs. Combination wise there are probably enough bluffs vs Ad,Kd,Jd to make the call.I don't think you can rule out much from a player who plays a hand this way, you say he can't have a 9 then later you say the river shove looks like a 9. The fact he shows up with 94 here suggests he could play a ton
  4. Hey I've been pretty successful post black friday too. Dick.
  5. A and C are fine.Hand B is a complete disaster.Pre- don't flat a 5 bb raise out of position only 24 bb deep. It's gonna be close to impossible to turn a profit here with AJ. Shove or fold - pretty close decision between these two, I'd probably lean towards fold in a vacuum. Turn - I could write a bunch of stuff out...but I'd actually like to know, why did you bet here? I've tried to come up with any reasons in my head and I've thought of one, and it's not a very good one.
  6. Post from person in control of original FTPDoug account working with FTP again now.http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-views-gossip/official-ftp-pre-relaunch-thread-1232335/
  7. In that winner take all scenario you are playing close to chip EV. With antes you should be thrilled to take any flip. I would get it in here with somewhere near 44, A8o, A7s+, KJ+ kinda range? Maybe a bit wider.At a typical final table there are so many factors in play but I would guess 77 is a call off more often than not here. Close though.
  8. Confused about payouts. Is it a sattie and all equal payouts at FT? If so why is the tournament still playing?Any sattie is hugely position in field and stack size related. Impossible to answer without knowing your current position, the payout structure and everyones stack size really.If it's a bubble with a typical sattie payout then calling off 77 here for most or all of your stack is almost certainly very bad. Can't envision many, if any, setups of stack sizes where it's good.edit- reading against, 1st place gets a much bigger prize? If it's close to a winner take all scenario then 77 is pr
  9. I think in an overall poker strategy it is unnecessary. That doesn't mean it's not optimal with certain hands and against certain villains. Just not with AT pretty much ever. I don't think you encounter 1 opponent in 1000 where check raising AT on that flop is the best play. I was saying playing big draws and stronger 2 pair hands this way is potentially ok. AT does not fit in either of those.There are 2 big factors working against c/r AT here.1. We do a whole load of folding out worse, getting called by better. This is pretty much ABC poker strat for anyone with a clue about ranges. Try not
  10. I'm sure "smallball" (whatever that really is) still works fine when everyone is pretty deep (50bb+). In most spots in mtts where there are usually plenty of people < 30 bb, the average player in 2012 will absolutely destroy the average player in 2005. The game has changed quite a bit.
  11. You are hallucinating.It's completely pointless to have a c/r range in this spot at all. With some crazy dynamics against a lagtard maybe, but in a vacuum/against anyone sane it's unneccessary. Any hands you should have on this board should all work fairly well in c/c, c/f, b/f and b/c ranges. If you really wanna incoorporate it, it's best to use a range of strong draws (flush draw or better) and strong but potentially vulnerable hands - A7/A9 (97? - almost certainly better to bet this). I think vs most you're gonna be better off doing something else with these hands but c/r/c is potentially
  12. I'd start off by c/r the flop and go from there.
  13. Good selection of tournaments today. Let's do this.
  14. Read it earlier, great blog. Recommend for anyone at any stage of poker development.
  15. According to your initial post, preflop around 10/30 = 1/3 of the villains stack went in and 10/24 = ~2/5 of your stack. If those fractions are lower then they have to be a lot lower to even consider seeing a flop with AJ, even then it probably isn't wise.Postflop just isn't interesting with these stacks. You're in a position you should never be in and you have top pair. Don't fold, bubble or no bubble. If you have a much much deeper stack then there would be more to it, but that would be a completely different hand.Also don't fold KK (or AA) on a bubble unless it's the most absurd chip stack/
  16. Don't call off half your stack preflop ....ever? You probably could with aces in some spots against mulitple willards idiots but that situation is extremely rare. Get it in or fold preflop with AJs. Postflop isn't interesting since you should never ever be in this spot.I think you should probably be folding preflop against 95%, possibly 99%+ of villains. Limp r/r for half of his stack is laughably strong.
  17. Hands down winner:http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/13721-jarrett-nash-explains-decision-to-skip-day-5-of-main-event
  18. Dam I went for a sleep expecting there to be 3-4 left when I got up. That went fast.Shipped the $50
  19. Alright my dad is buying the longest shot, Yong.
  20. If anyone wants one of the last 3, go ahead. I'll take em all if theyre not sold when the tourney starts.
  21. Wish there was an easy way to still do stuff like this with those from the US :/I'll buy Trickett.I'll make it so you can buy a second in one hour from now.
  22. Done and done.I'll buy someone in around 3-4 hours.
  23. Since I didn't get round to sorting out a draft at the start of the event I'll try this instead.Simply, you get to buy a player for a shot at $50. The more likely the player is to win (according to betfair), the more you have to pay to have a shot. It will be winner take all for whoever has the player that wins the event.Only for people who can send on PokerstarsPlayer CostsPlayer/Chipstack/Cost1. Antonio Esfandiari - 39,925,000 - $13.63 - rcgs592. Sam Trickett - 37,000,00 - $13.86 - HighwayStar3. Guy Laliberté - 21,700,000 - $6.04 - Governator4. Brian Rast - 11,350,000 - $5.15 - F
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