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  1. Pretty sick to hold a grudge against some guy you've never had any sort of contact with. Sure, he probably handled the situation horribly and I can see why that would upset some, but to come in here 2.5 years after the fact and openly root against him in potentially one of the bigger moments of his poker career is AT LEAST just as douchey. fo bro
  2. I get it! I was just there!I didn't expect to actually get questions...I'll answer stuff later, probably won't be very exciting though.
  3. Have you seen ace ace versus ace ace anymore since the beginning of the thread?If not, can this be my well thread?!
  4. I think we should bring this discussion to one of the many other threads available to us.
  5. This is such a monumental, exciting event! Go fluff!
  6. Yeah I have LBP and Infamous already so I went with Super Stardust HD and the Wipeout bundle. Super Stardust is actually quite difficult imo, but a pretty good game in the vein of Geometry Wars. Wipeout is a decent little racer for free.
  7. you're only 6695/22776 with 9700k? The Storm must have an incredible structure!I also wanna know what DiamondDixie is doing today and how she feels about missing these excellent double guarantee tournaments!
  8. Since like March 30th, 2005 (original join date)?!
  9. What do you know, Winch was right!
  10. Great idea, can't believe no one has thought of it. Make it happen!
  11. Something really bothers me about LA Noire. I'm enjoying the game for the most part, but there is just absolutely no depth in the side missions and the game is pretty repetitive. Some of the gameplay mechanics feel kind of awkward and going around the city is pretty dull. I do enjoy a lot of the clue-gathering and interrogations, but you CANNOT fail at an interrogation, as you always make an arrest no matter how badly you do. The game is quite fun and very unique, but it feels shallow in so many areas. I'd probably give it a 7.5 or 8/10 simply because it is something different and the stor
  12. Let us know if you learn more, I've certainly been concerned about what this Team Moshman has been doing to stay afloat.
  13. There isn't anyone I'd rather walk around a gift shop with more. Congrats!
  14. Modern Warfare 3Hi. So excited, especially because IW has never disappointed me and I've really grown to dislike BO.
  15. Maybe after he's done single-handedly fighting Scott Walker and then being elected governor himself.
  16. I HIGHLY doubt he's jealous of Fluff!
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