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  1. I'd add 1 pair + draw (f or s), 56 and J10 to his turn range.Still don't think that i'd call the river tho.
  2. Not quite the right odds against a made flush and in big trouble vs over set obv. But nicely ahead of a hand like Adx or overpair with 1d. Knowing nothing about V - call.
  3. It's so obvious that I'll point it out...The main difference is that blinds never increase and you can always reload. So unless you are one of those ministackers that everyone hates you are never playing short stack poker, you never HAVE to play marginal hands. Also you likely get called down more often because there is no "putting tournament life at risk" pressure.Depending on how well you adjust you're results will likely fall somewhere between lose whole roll and create a "I hate poker - I quit!" thread and crush game, rapidly jump levels, earn spot on HSP.
  4. I don't see much value in betting the river here, there are some very rare Vs that could check/call all the way with A5 and pay off the river, but mostly the only thing that can happen is V folds his loser or you get check raised by a J or weird suckout.
  5. Looks like a reasonable line to me.I'd say we're betting the flop because we likely have either the best hand, or the best draw, occasionally both. We're a long way from the nuts and would be happy to take it down here but at the least we thin the field and build the pot a bit with a promising hand.We check turn and river because our 8 with the 4 flush board is unlikely to be called by a hand we beat but slowing down might get a hand we beat to bet the river. V could have a higher diamond but his range is wide enough to call the small river bet.
  6. Getting overly attached to unimproved pocket pairs can cost you a lot. Without the diamond K you have to let this one go.
  7. I'm def in favour of re-raising the flop rather than calling and betting this turn. You're almost certainly ahead and he's interested, make him pay as much as you can before he draws out on you.
  8. gg, nothing you can do on that last hand
  9. gl, sitting quietly on the rail
  10. I think preflop is ok, although as you say being OOP will make the following play harder, although a good read on villain helps. One question is can he get away from good beat hands or will he call off his stack with ZOMG TPTK.I don't think Flop-c/Turn-b is going to get him to lay down KK,QQ. You sound like you've been playing TAG and betting strength on flops. Why should villain give you credit for an A? Some people would play a weak A that way but that doesn't seem to fit your image.I have no problem with calling the turn if you believe you can stack V when you hit the flush. Again it d
  11. Does villain have a history to indicate he'll pay to chase draws? Or that he'll and throw a PSB at a missed draw? Without a read I'd let this go.
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