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  1. @DNChips wow 260k running smoking hot. AQ turned top 2 got 4 bets in sweet #wsop27
  2. JustinFiltz Justin Filtz 162k and in the money! 600/1,200/200 ante now #WSOPGO FLUFF!!! FCP LEGEND!
  3. LOL, You just landed on a table with 3(edit) brazilians.. the Rail is MENTAL! GOGOGOGO!
  4. Congrats Mr. Sparco! Well deserved, and all the best for 2011.
  5. Pissed? C'mon...Have been away for a while... but, after Holland eliminated Brazil from the world cup, the LEAST Mr. Sparco could do, was bring a bracelet to FCP!Seriously, this is aweseome news!Biggest congrats to Mr. Sparco!! GO NETHERLANDS!!! I HOPE THEY BEAT SPAIN ON SUNDAY!!ORANJE!!!!
  6. This is our Team for this World Cup. Not as good up front as we are used to, but still well above most other teams.A strong organised midfield, and one of, if not the best defence for the 2010 World Cup.Goalkeepers: Julio Cesar (Inter Milan), Doni (AS Roma), Gomes (Tottenham Hotspur)Defenders: Maicon (Inter Milan), Daniel Alves (Barcelona), Michel Bastos (Olympique Lyon), Gilberto (Cruzeiro), Lucio (Inter Milan), Juan (AS Roma), Luisao (Benfica), Thiago Silva (AC Milan)Midfielders: Gilberto Silva (Panathinaikos), Felipe Melo (Fiorentina), Ramires (Benfica), Elano (Galatasaray), Kaka (Real Mad
  7. hahaha...Not really, especially considering the fact that S. America is by far the easiest continent to be in to qualify for the WC.However, a 3-1 win against Argentina playing over there makes the qualification a bit more special.Someone also mentioned that the 5th placed country in S. America will play a CONCACAF team in a playoff for a spot in the WC. I´m pretty sure they´ll play against the Oceania winner...BTW, Brazil is the only country to have played every single World Cup tournament!
  8. Ooooooo... Sounds Fun! Come on BG!!!
  9. So, I joined the league, and created my team... I've been away from the UK for more than a year now, so my knowledge is not as up-to-date as I'd like. Also, this is the first time I ever did a fantasy(whatever) and it seems a bit more complex than I had anticipated... Anyways... There is a first time for everything, so lets see how it goes...BTW, my team is TIMAO...
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