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  1. That is correct! Please select again.
  2. Terminology: 400The structures in the picture are all derived from a common ancestral structure, even though they have somewhat different functions now. This is the term for such structures.
  3. Vestigial, yes. Balloon Guy: -2600
  4. Basics----- Terminology-----Genetics ---- Human Evolution-----Potpourri----200-------------200---------------200-----------------200-------------------200---------400-------------400---------------400-----------------400-------------------400---------600-------------600---------------600-----------------600-------------------600---------800-------------800---------------800-----------------800-------------------800--------1000------------1000-------------1000----------------1000------------------1000----Terminology for 200. This is the word for a trait or structure which has lost most or all o
  5. Sorry, that is incorrect. The correct response was "What is A. mitochondrial?"If you look at this pedigree you will see that whenever the mother has the disease, all of her offspring always also have it. This is matrilineal inheritance; since mitochondria are inherited matrilineally -- mitochondria always come exclusively from the mother (remember Mitochondrial Eve?) -- this is the pattern you will see with mitochondrial inheritance. With X-linked recessive, the union between an unaffected father and an affected mother (on the far right) would not produce affected daughters, since the dau
  6. Welcome back, folks! Picking up where we left off, with the final question in the category of Genetics. Genetics: 1000This is a chart showing the pedigree of family, some of whom are born with a debilitating brain disease that destroys the frontal lobes and makes them prone to religious belief. Women are represented by circles and men by squares. A darkened shape means that person has the disease, while a white shape means they don't have it. The most likely pattern of inheritance in this pedigree. (from the following choices:)A. MitochondrialB. X-linked dominantC. X-linked recessiveD. A
  7. B is a better answer than C. If a gene can lead to greater reproduction of all copies of itself, regardless of which individual it is in, it has more opportunity to replicate. This is why, from a genetic perspective, individuals tend to expend a lot of resources on those who are closely related to them. Those kin are more likely to share copies of the same genes. A mother, for example, may sacrifice herself for a daughter who is the best chance at those genes proliferating. (see kin selection). Additionally, "survival" per se only indirectly increases the chance of a gene being replicat
  8. Genetics 800The best way to complete the following sentence. A gene will be most successful at proliferating itself if it a) ensures the survival of its speciesb) makes it more likely that any individual with a copy of the gene reproducesc) makes it more likely that the individual with the gene survivesd) makes it more likely that its species protects itself against other species
  9. The correct response was A. The big giveaway for D being wrong is the time frame. The concept of genes and mutations wasn't there yet in Lamarck's time. Lamarck's idea that traits acquired in life can be passed on to offspring has made him the source of much ridicule, but it turns out he may have been a bit unfairly treated and some of his wrongest ideas exaggerated. Balloon Guy: -1000
  10. Genetics: 600This is the best way to complete the sentence below:This past month marked the 200th anniversary of Jean Baptiste Lamarck's important work Philosophie Zoologique. Lamarck is best known for his theory that predicts, for example, that giraffes who have to stretch their necks further to reach the trees will have offspring with longer necks. Besides being French, Lamarck's biggest mistake was thata) he wrongly thought that acquired traits are heritableb) he did not understand that the genes for neck length are constrained by the biology of breathingc) his theory did not adequately
  11. Sorry, that's incorrect. Acceptable answers would have been mutation, migration, sexual reproduction, or genetic drift. Adaptation is not a source of variation, rather it is the result of variation combined with selection. Balloon Guy: -400.
  12. Genetics: 400Two of the major sources of genetic variation.
  13. Give me a moment while I dye my mustache.
  14. adenine: Acytosine: Cguanine: Gthymine: TBalloon Guy: 0
  15. Wow, hope you aren't putting all your eggs in one balloon. Genetics for 1000. One of the four nucleotides that makes up DNA -- or, the first letters of all four of them.
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