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  1. If I were one of the other players, I'd make some friends in the Hollywood police force that will arrest him just before the final table starts.
  2. From http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/bro...0,1615750.story
  3. I'm wondering what "Donk Turn" and "Donk River" means in PT3. I tried the online documentation but didn't see this particular stat anywhere.
  4. This is just flat out shitty:Quad Aces are Good, Right? ... RIGHT?Motoyuki "Moto" Mabuchi raises to 850 in middle position and the button calls.The flop is {A-?}{Q-Diamonds}{9-?} and both check. The turn is {10-Diamonds} and Moto bets 1,600. The button calls. The river is {A-Diamonds} and Moto bets 2,500. The button raises to 8,500 and Moto reraises all in.The button calls. Moto shows {A-?}{A-?} for quad aces, but the button has {K-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds} for the royal flush. Moto is eliminated in stunning fashion.
  5. After reaching iron man last month and getting my mid-year bonus, I cashed out everything and am planning on playing pokerstars this month as I think I can get more for my playing buck there with their 2x promotion.Do you HAVE to play to release your iron man bonus, or just in order to release it in July, and it will be released regardless after that:
  6. Gone in 3rd. Ah well. Nice return on $5. Now time to get to the work I've been putting off
  7. Just running over the table right now. Think everyone is playing to make it further up the money ladder. Its like free money on the table right now. Weird.
  8. RyanPriceDotCa on Full Tilt.Its the small daily double, but still $950 for first.I'm sitting 1/9 with 600k. Second place is 300kWish me luck!
  9. Did anyone else notice game #2 went from having $14k in play to $12k.
  10. Not to mention the possibility that he folds and you take whats in the pot.
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