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  1. doesn't seem that barry can take advantage of his chiplead, but daniel can't get anything going, too...finally, a nice chunk für daniel: back to 4 : 6
  2. well, what do i know just thought that there were some big jumps lately...btw:
  3. blinds 50k/100k. pretty fast final table structure, imo...
  4. or pokerroad nationedit: damn, got beat to it^^Daniel 4 : 6 Barry
  5. pokernews sucks today. jeffrey pollack and matthew parvis are owning them with their tweets.
  6. DN just had aces again. i so want him to win this with T7 off, just because all these premium hands were worth nothing...
  7. looks like barry sucked out pretty bad. daniel's behind now. that's just awful...hell, how much bad luck can you have? he had already kings and it didn't pay off...
  8. wow, this is gonna be over fast, if barry won't double up
  9. looks good so far, daniel is eating up barry's chipstack...
  10. dammit, going to be a long night for me...TID, daniel!
  11. wow. don't know what to say, really. unbelieveable.dammit, if they just read wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czar#Metaphorical_usesoh, i forgot, wikipedia is a leftist propaganda medium. my bad.
  12. i expected 2+2 to go nuts about the patrik impersonation. so far i'm dissapointed....
  13. proves my point that people in masses are more often dumb than intelligent
  14. looking forward to a 5 man battle royal. who would fight? one thing is for sure: glenn beck is heel.
  15. apparently, bill gates comes off alot humbler than you.this kind of mindset courd very well be a reason for your actual situation, too. if the sky is the limit and you think your're icarus, you are in for a hard landing.
  16. well, i'm desperately trying to figure out, why everybody is so scared about a new health care system that (in the best scenario) can provide at least basic care to everyone, on a little fee from everyone? because i get the impression, even it were absolutely easy to manage financially, a lot of americans still wouldn't like it. and i'm guessing that a possible reason could be that you more or less care more about yourself that your society... something like that, anyway. i got your back here, yorke.^^ the patroit act took very basic and very important rights from the society by force(!), op
  17. of course some societies have. you could say that for every major revolution in history (french revolution, american revolution, revolutions of 1848/49, ..). or the process of establishing a (constitutional) democracy in england over time. just for example. although you could say, that even these events were triggered by some kind of governemental force. in these cases, litterally.but that wasn't what i meant.i was kinda talking about my impression that the major problem here might be that the concept of a "caring society" is somewhat new and somewhat frightening (judging from the many stupid
  18. well, some people say that a society sometimes has to work together to make any kind of progress...
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