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  1. HOLY ****. GMAN u serious?... if ur layin me 30-1 that doyle loses ill definitely take you for at least 10$... lemme know.
  2. Im at work now but Im really in the mood for some gambling.. though I'd rather do low stakes since Im real unlucky. If anybody wants to go into a cap .5/.10 game and flip for 3$ or something just lemme know. My full tilt name is Vtlaxer09 and my chat is banned so i'd have to give u my aim. Lemme know. I'd wanna do it around 5 pm eastern time. (2 hours)
  3. So it seems like the Taj is my best bet. And again... Im pretty sure that Ill just let my buddy hang onto my chips until im at a table.. and then again afterwards... seems like a pretty safe bet to me. If i do get carded... I obv get kicked out but.. no money lost.. right?
  4. Alright well it sounds like most of the casinos in AC dont card too often... (since i've never been to a casino and played im not sure exactly how it works) but.. my plan was just to have my friend deal with buying chips and casing out my chips (knock on wood) so I wouldnt have to deal with the the transactions just playin cards. I might as well give it a shot since Ill be goin up there anyway. If it doesnt work out Ill just drink by myself in my hotel room .
  5. Hey, Ill be going to atlantic city in about a month with a buddy of mine who will be turing 21. I will only be 20 at the time though. Is it difficult to get in on the poker action (Do they card at most of them?) Anybody with some helpful tips so that I can hit up some 2/5 tables?
  6. Vtlaxer09 is my screen name on full tilt. Im new here but im wondering if anybody else is tryin to get into it without postin the huge buy ins?
  7. I just busted out laughing while reading this thread. HAHAHA. Well done sir.
  8. Sounds like you're gettin roughed up a lil in these tourneys. Wouldnt really say you've done too much wrong but good luck in the next one!
  9. thank you and... Dimitri (George Danzer pwner) Nobles
  10. I'd wanna see the best of the best. So obviously:Chris (I bluffed Sam Farha) MoneymakerJamie (guys im not just lucky im playing good too) GoldAaron (i got outs) KanterDr. Amir (I like vaginas) NassieriMark (I lose 700,000$ a day on full tilt) VosANDDDDD The Black dumb**** dude from last year's wsop. Name please? Destroyed Danzer.. eh eh.. anyone?
  11. Long time reader but this is my first post on any thread!! (FCP took forever to validate my username) Anyway in response to the initial question... As a full tilt player myself, I too have gone through these same swings. One day I can sit at 2 1/2 tables and make 400+. The next day I can lost 800+ playing what I deem to be the same exact playing style. Im not going to go as far to say that online poker is rigged but swings are part of the game and the slump im in right now has gone on for about 3 weeks. Only solution is to keep playing and you will eventually find your groove again. (Just stic
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