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  1. FYL (fixed your life)Definitely the way to do it. :D They were cheating, no doubt about it. You should havec called the floor and get your chips back.
  2. Final table with DN, E-dog, and Devilfish would be really cool !!Hope you win this one Daniel.Good skill, because I don't think you need much luck the way you've been playing lately.
  3. Unlucky you never won a race... Well played though.
  4. I'm having a :"Coverage resumes as soon as possible. We are having some technical difficulties."Am I the only one, or is this the screen they use during the pause ???
  5. Is it me or the stream is really low ?It's freezing every 10 seconds...
  6. Too much limping, but not too bad overall.When you compare him to the German or Portuguese guy...
  7. It's really cool that some websites can broadcast this type of shows in live.And except for the Iceland and Canadian players, we only see Rayme playing real well there.
  8. The video on this site is the live from the World Cup ??Wow that's cool.Thanks very much. ;)PS : Good luck for tomorrow DN !!
  9. in this threadSHIP THE MONEY !! :icon_dance:Edit : Shoot I didn't read the whole thread... :D I'll find a way.
  10. Please stop giving me the opportunity to answer some stupid thing to your polls.I can't help myself but take the only one answer that is really dumb.But FYI, I'll go with blue-ray, because blue's my favorite color.See ??
  11. Btw, if i come down there at the end of September (to see the EPT and hopefully DN), does someone know a cheap hotel near the casino (by near I mean not on the other side of the city) ??Or if someone agrees to do this, I'm ok to rent a room or even only a mattress for 4 or 5 days. If you have info for an hotel or are willing to rent me a room, PM me. Thanks.
  12. Btw, are you going to the EPT London, at the end of September ??
  13. 200€ ($160) by train, 130€ ($100) by plane.And 300€ ($230) for 5 nights in a hotel in London... I'll try to win some money in a local casino, and maybe I'll be able to go there and rail him.
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