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  1. Woooo cant wait to start playing in those freerolls!
  2. well im only 18 and its the only one i know of thats near me that allows 18 year olds and i live in washington so i cant play online either for money
  3. ok well i went to the casino for my first time played in a 35$ buy in tourney about 30 players. Pretty nervous at first i must admit, haha. I just want some suggestions on how to play this tourney.start out with 10k in chipsblinds start at 100/200 each level is 12 minsif you guys who are pretty experienced with this fast style i could really use some help
  4. i just wanna play some online poker for some money !
  5. lend me 5 cents on pokerstars?
  6. hes daniel negreanu he does what he wants
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