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  1. Quite possibly one of THE best things I've ever read...period. Friggen High-larious.
  2. He's actually one of the nicest players I've ever met. I met him at an airport in S.F., and he couldn't have been more ablidging about taking a picture with me and chatting about poker. He's also one of the few players over at FTP to actually engage players in chat. Overall I don't see him as weird at all.
  3. If you make the Pelosi and Kennedy things your top priorities...you can have whatever you damn well want. No empty promises though, please see to it that you do your best to follow through on those.
  4. May I please be the first to suggest a BalloonGuy/Muck, You Suckers ticket for '08? It's can't possibly be much worse than the soon-to-be Clinton/Obama ticket.
  5. To be completely honest, Daniel used to be my favorite poker player. That is until I started reading his anti-President, anti-anyone who beats him in a hand of poker, anti-pretty much anything that he doesn't agree with blog. And no, I don't have to agree with everything he says...which is exactly why I wrote this blog in the first place. You know People like you crack me up...you'd be the first person to stand up and fight for free speech like I'm sure Daniel would, right up until someone comes on here and makes somewhat of an "edgy" post. I really didn't mean to come across as harsh as I
  6. It's time to come on down off of the soapbox Daniel...Seriously...there is nothing worse than an arrogant, preachy liberalOh wait, yes there is...an arrogant, preachy, VEGETARIAN liberal.Take Care
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