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  1. GG King, not much you could do there...thanks for running!
  2. ugly flop, you played it well imo.
  3. This. Just play your game, don't worry about the stake.
  4. You sir, are a better man than I am lol.
  5. shipped to both, glglgl u guys
  6. Not sure, I'm playing a few other things, but I'll be checking in, gl bud.
  7. Saw you in the 4.40 thread...shiiiiiped, glgl
  8. I took down a 4.40 a few days ago, so I'm offering up 2 steaks to the $5.50 6-max (5K gtd.) on Stars. It stars in about 20 minutes so hurry. The only requirements are...50/50 nsbat least 500 posts (I don't usually care about posts, but don't be a complete newbie lol)First two get it! gogogogogo!!!
  9. Booked for 40, glgl.edit: Just the game, not the o/u sorry shouldn've been more clear.
  10. loooooooooooooooolll that never gets old
  11. Congratulations sir!! Prayers and blessings for the next 28.
  12. lol, we must've posted at the exact same time, you can cancel with me if you want...no worries, up to you.
  13. I'll take all of these for 20 each, but I won't be able to ship til tomorrow night if that's ok. I'm headed out for the night and won't be home til tomorrow night. I'll understand if you say no though, no worries.
  14. I don't know if this was meant to be funny, but I LOL'd.
  15. I'm going in like 3 weeks, where are my free days?
  16. GG sir...you probably already know my sn, but just in case it's Amlew56(Dublin)
  17. The poker room is nice, about 20 tables and 10 flat screens. Other than that I just play Blackjack. But it's a nice place overall. I couldn't imagine living as close as you do though lol. I'd be dead broke.
  18. GG Shipped.lol, I never noticed that you live in Esparto. You go to Cache Creek much? I live in Dublin and head out there once every few months.
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