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  1. it's nice to have a real thread after all the stupid drama today...thank you! And GL to everyone playing
  2. I'll take part of this for $40, but I can't ship til Friday (waiting for a deposit to clear), but you know I'm good for it. Not sure of the math here, what is +136?
  3. I'll take them both for $10 if you're willing to wait until Friday for my deposit to clear, I wouldn't expect you to pay until Friday since I can't. If you don't wanna wait I totally understand, gl sir.
  4. you're startin to creep me out
  5. wait, haven't you already left once changed your name once? This promise means nothing.
  6. Yeah I thought of the whole Jehovah play on words, but then I thought that was probably too stupid to be true. I'm sure you're right tho. Thanks.
  7. I know this is probably a retarded question, but I heard someone refer to Jay-z as "hova" or something similar on the radio today. Can anyone tell me what the hell that means or stands for? Just curious.
  8. Oxford English Dictionary (OED), Second EditionHere is how the OED defines "atheism": atheism Disbelief in, or denial of, the existence of a god. disbelieve 1. trans. Not to believe or credit; to refuse credence to: a. a statement or (alleged) fact: To reject the truth or reality of. deny 1. To contradict or gainsay (anything stated or alleged); to declare to be untrue or untenable, or not what it is stated to be. 2. Logic. The opposite of affirm; to assert the contradictory of (a proposition). 3. To refuse to admit the truth of (a doctrine or tenet); to reject as un
  9. shortstacked so I shoved with A10<33...ty for the stake sir.
  10. split pot with K10 on a board of xQJ9, sitting @ 4680 @ break
  11. lol, I don't have chat bb, but thanks and I'll try.
  12. not sure how to do HH on FTP, but 82>KQ, up to 2,900
  13. 88<Q6...Not out by any means, the dude was all in for his last 190 chips, but I missed a KO dammit lol.
  14. any spots still open? I'll run if there areglew28 (D)......if not I'll just barrage
  15. Sorry I got a little carried away, but when someone calls you out without even comprehending what you posted...it's pretty damn annoying. My original post was just general surprise that a Giants fan said "hopefully Lincecum can pull one out" this early in the season. Sure he's had a few bad outings, but it's still so early. But then GoodTom cleared up what he meant, and it makes more sense now. I'm not a Giants hater by any means, I think I even posted in the Giants thread that I hope they have a great season because it just makes for a better sports atmosphere here in the Bay Area. Anywa
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