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  1. Well economists will be thrilled to know their theories of budget deficits, trade deficits (trade deficits are a huge factor -- the very idea you can mention the US dollar's problems without mentioning trade deficits once is astonishing), account deficits, lack of investment into US treasuries from other countries, increased confidence in other currencies stemming from an eagerness in those countries to eliminate dependence on the US dollar, (not to mention the war, terrorism, oil and blah blah blah) and many more factors are all dead wrong and it's purely a reaction to the mortgage crunch. Th
  2. What I said is that Bush was at fault for the fact that the US dollar has fallen so much in value. Considering that the US dollar was already free-falling in value well before the mortgage crisis then I don't think one can realistically blame it on that. You could well come up with an alternative explanation -- try oil! -- but the mortgage crunch doesn't really make any sense as an explanation. At most the loans could be considered one part of an immense bigger picture with thousands of variables. Trying to blame the falling dollar on one single issue is silly -- the only difference between yo
  3. LOL. First off, I didn't post this a month ago. Check my post history -- the last time I posted was April 2007 (although I can't imagine why it's been so long as this is such a warm, welcoming place to discuss things).As for phishing emails I've gotten about six or seven responses; so if this is some kind of email phishing scheme it's officially the worst one of all time. I think you missed the part where your President destroyed your economy and our dollar is worth the same as yours. Seriously though this isn't an opportunity where you come and work in our office -- it's freelance writing so
  4. LOL ... so off to a good start. Thanks for your input. Incidentally, if that was a sample of your writing which you were submitting for consideration, I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass.
  5. Hi all! I work for a company which is developing a new family of websites, once of which will have some sports content. I won't mention the name of the site as I know we can't promote sites on here -- that's not my intent; I'm merely offering an opportunity for writers.Obviously (as I'm posting it here) we are interested in some poker content. So if you have a blog, website (or just have some writing in some other form) please PM me. We'd also be interested in any other sports (or "male" related content: electronics, entertainment reviews and so forth) so those areas are also open.FYI this isn
  6. Those profits don't include revenue from the arena, which they treat separately. The arena is one of the highest grossing arenas in the world. However the revenue is tied to ownership of the team (the hockey team own the arena -- if you move the team you lose ownership of the arena) so they make money with the Lightning. They don't want to move -- no way they'd give up the revenue from that arena.The venue in downtown Tampa has been ranked as the leading concert ticket sales venue in North America, as well as second largest worldwide, by a music industry publication for the first half of 2005.
  7. That's true but I'm not entirely sure why that matters. There are very few cities in the US in which mainstream (i.e. non-season ticket holders ... just the average person on the street) would recognize a hockey player. Hockey is totally under the mainstream radar there. If being recognized on the street were grounds for "deserving" a hockey team then there would hardly be any teams in the US at all (which might make a lot of Canadians happy I know). There are original six teams (Chicago, Boston) where I am sure the average player doesn't get noticed all that often ... and those teams (while a
  8. Still new here? I joined before you. I just don't have a lot of posts since, despite the evidence on display in this thread, I generally avoid pointless net arguments (hence my sig). As for global warming, I'm all for it. Bring it on. The more the merrier.
  9. What is your source for that fact? The real question is why are you arguing with me? If you believe I'm lying about my experiences in Tampa then why argue with me? If you are willing to have an adult back and forth conversation then here are some uppercase facts for you: I live in the Halifax area, one of the cities you mentioned that would be better for the NHL than Tampa. If I were to be biased toward any side of the argument I would be biased to making out like Halifax is capable of supporting an NHL team better than Tampa. I'd love to have an NHL team here -- not that I don't like the Moo
  10. Problem with this nonsense is one of my best friends lives in Tampa. They weren't giving away second and third round tickets -- they had an overflow in the parking lot where people watched on screens. If they could have fit anyone else in the building they would have. The number of wildly inaccurate, biased, and mean-spirited condescending "we're better than them" articles from the Canadian media during that series was nauseating. I choose to believe people who were actually at the game, plus media reports which stated there were thousands watching games outside on screens because the games we
  11. Aren't there usually ATM fees? I guess if you condition yourself to only withdraw in big lumps you minimize the fees. I don't know why this irks me so much. Perhaps because it's (in some form) gambling and damn it when I'm gambling I expect to lose my money but not have to pay for the privilege of losing my money. It's like a casino on the strip charging an entrance fee and charging for drinks. It just feels wrong to pay for gambling aside from the money which I'm gambling. Maybe I'm the only one but $35 plus $2+ (those ATM fees tend to be quite high) just seems unacceptable to me. (Then agai
  12. Canadian. You just go to the "my account" section at Party and click on deposit. There are a myriad of options (most of which cost money in fees) one of which is "Electronic Transfer." First you have to register your account, which involves giving them the bank account number and tracking number. Same as Neteller required. Then they make two deposits to your account (same as Neteller) which you have to enter exactly (by checking on web banking or by phone) to confirm you own the bank account. Once you do that you can deposit instantly. So it's two days to setup and then instant deposits from t
  13. Good grief. This is utterly ridiculous. Do the poker rooms not realize (or care) how difficult it is becoming for people to deposit money? As I mentioned before, I realize they've got a hell of a problem with the US, but ignoring the customers without the legal restrictions doesn't seem like the way to go. Plus, as I said before, why are we (and a few others) the only people talking about this? What is everyone else doing to play poker? Do you all just have ample funds in the account already and don't need to move money on a regular basis? Do you not care about the fees? Even if you personally
  14. I live in Halifax (well Dartmouth) and you are certifiably insane if you think this market could support an NHL team as well as Tampa Bay. Nothing against Halifax (hey I live here) but the city just isn't big enough or rich enough. (You may have a point with the Panthers though.) Your problem is lumping all expansion teams in the same boat -- towns like Dallas and Tampa, while not "traditional" markets, support their teams better than many traditional markets. Bottom Six in NHL Attendance:25 Boston26 New Jersey27 Washington28 NY Islanders29 Chicago30 St. Louis Montreal is the only team i
  15. Let us know what you find please.Anyway, if you can't use credit cards (because they are blocked) then Click2Pay probably won't work. Even though I was signing up to use EFT's from my bank account, they want a credit card during registration.I'm somewhat confused that this situation hasn't caused more conversation from people. I'm in Canada so obviously the whole "alternative to Neteller" debate is a new one for us. Even on message boards which are mainly Canadian it doesn't seem to bother people that much. I guess most people don't mind paying insane fees to move their money.As far as I know
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