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  1. Ok, so I have ventured into HU NL Holdem play, I have had some good days but overall my experience is one of frustration....(seem to get coolered hard) Can you check my lines here to see if I'm making the correct plays.Standard?http://www.pokerhand.org/?3668022 Opponent wasn't overly aggro and I felt in control during the match, but he did seem to be hitting with regularity.Should I lead this flop or check raise higher?http://www.pokerhand.org/?3668024Opponent was 3 betting with high frequency preflop and generally bet his draws and strong hands well.Ace is disgusting card but can I really slo
  2. Ok, so I have ventured into HU NL Holdem play, I have had some good days but overall my experience is one of frustration....(seem to get coolered hard) Can you check my lines here to see if I'm making the correct plays.Standard?http://www.pokerhand.org/?3668022Should I lead this flop or check raise higher?http://www.pokerhand.org/?3668024Ace is disgusting card but can I really slow down on this turn?http://www.pokerhand.org/?3668030Standard?http://www.pokerhand.org/?3668041Can I really toss this on the river?http://www.pokerhand.org/?3668063
  3. I have been on a disastrous run lately and would like some advice from more experienced players whom, no doubt, have been in this situation many many times...In January I started playing 100Nl holdem and over about 4-5 months I beat the game for about 25 buys in's, nothing too exceptional granted, but I felt my tightish steady ABC approach worked well and I was winning about $400-700 per month. I Then decided to start some 200Nl and see if I could adapt to the more aggressive style, and I did. I steadily won about $2800 over about 20,000 hands...again nothing special i know, but again I'm be
  4. 400NL - Partypoker 6 playersHero has not been sat for long and has no reads on the villian.Hero just lost reasonable sized pot and didn't reload, stack sizes areHero $226 MPVillian $ 402 COHero is MP and holds K K Hero raises to $14, Villian calls $14, button calls $14, SB folds, BB folds.Flop: 9 9 7 Hero bets: $34, villian calls $34, button folds.Turn: 5 Hero?
  5. Partypoker 400NL - 4 playersThis is only my 12th hand and villain has just sat down to play his first hand, so no reads.Hero $408 - SBVillian $400 - BBHero holds K Folds to hero, hero raises to $14, BB calls $10.flop: 7 9 2 Hero bets $22, BB raises to $65, hero calls $43Turn: 5 Hero? Is check raise optimum here or do we prefer a lead?
  6. I think this is AK a lot here and if you raise he has trouble folding on the turn. He'll probably check river and then you take it to value town. However if he pushes to a turn raise you can safely fold imo to TT or AA.
  7. Three weeks...lol, I wish, its been about one year from $0.10-0.25 to $2-4NL. To be honest I have been taking a shot at 400NL and running below expectation in terms of results...meh whatever. The standard at 400NL does have trickier players for sure but on Party you still get lots of huge donks with stats like 60/11/1.2, I'm sure it 's a whole different story on fulltit.
  8. this is how it went down, I pushed fully confident that this guy probably would not call an UTG raise with J9 and that he probably was holding Q 10 or 77 maybe even 88 if he's really bad, however he snapped called and flipped QQ.tough to put him on that hand with a smooth call but thats the third set over set since I moved up to 400NL and it's likely I'll be moving back down soon if my downswing continues.Out of interest, how much do regular 200NL players make in a month over 5000 or so hands???
  9. 400NL Holdem Partypoker 5 playersHero is UTG and just showed a turn raise bluff with 66 on 5 8 4 9 board for $150 so my image is questionable. Villian has stats of 38.7/2.5/1.5 and is fishy for these stakes.Hero $558.59Villian $403.23SB $334.50Hero holds 10 10 Hero raises to $12, villian calls $12, button folds, SB calls 410, BB folds.Flop Q 10 7 Hero bets $25, villian calls $25, SB foldsTurn 8 Hero bets $71, villian raises to $146, hero?????
  10. Partypoker $2/4 NL Holdem 6 playersHero $412 UTGVillian $ 402 BBButton $ 298Hero is losing and therefore questioning normal decisions my image would be very average and possibly weak as I am not getting many hands and not hitting flops at all.Hero holds A K Hero raises to $14, Button calls $14, SB folds, BB calls $10.Flop: 6 6 K BB Checks, Hero bets $30, button calls $30, BB Calls $30Turn: 10 BB Checks, Hero bets $80, button folds, BB Calls $80River: 7 BB ChecksHero? are we value betting here, my read is that he possibly holds middle pair or KQ,KJ suited kind of hand.Thoughts please
  11. Partypoker $0.50/1 Blinds - 6 Max NL HoldemHero is playing 22/18/3.7 normal aggro game, I have only played 17 hands with villian and he won a decent sized hand calling Q6 offsuit oop to a CO $12 re-raise and turning a straight. I doubt he has any reads or any poker strategy to be honest.Hero: SB $106.00Villian: BB $132.55Hero Holds A J Folds to hero, hero raises to $4, Villian in BB calls $3.Flop: J 9 8 Hero bets $6, villian callsTurn: A Hero bets $16, villian calls $16River: 3 Hero?
  12. I play on party but would like to join a site with decent rakeback for obvious reasonsand I heard that the games on 888 are pretty soft, can anyone who plays there offer some insight? I normally play $.50-1 & $1-2 NL.Thanks..
  13. I don't like the play preflop or on the flop, your turn raise is fine but the fact he called you out of position with 1 card to come indicates strength either in a big draw or made hand already.The river is ugly, the flush gets there, a wheel gets there (if he's that bad) and your two pair can be dominated, i fold here every time!
  14. yeah I'm shoving, if he has a set then too bad but you can't fold for 100BB here at 25NL.
  15. When I watch cardrunners vid's, at the end of a session the pro's go to the general info screen and it shows their combined stats for their 4 table session, how do i get this to appear? My general info screen shows all levels and all the hands I have ever played!!Thanks for your help..
  16. Ok, so I have a decent sample size (40,000) now to start analizing my poker more in depth and I found the following disturbing figures...1: using the filter "hands with between 2 and 2" and "pre-flop raise - Raised first in" my BB/hand is 0.452: using the filter "hands with between 3 and 10" and "preflop raise - no raise" my BB/hand is 0.09Is this typical?, the first stat should be showing at least a 1% profit surely?????
  17. No I don't like it on any street, fold preflop to this guy
  18. ty for the reply's guy's.... here is what happenedhe checked the river, I value bet $64, he min raised to $128 which left him with about $10 behind and I just flat calle assuming the worst and he showed JJ which is fine as my play was good throughout, just wanted to go through the theory when faced with this situation again!!
  19. I'm worried about a set of aces or kings here... I wouldn't be putting him on Q 10 for sure so I call and see what he does on the river..
  20. Partypoker 6 payers - 200NL HoldemVillian is the fish at the table, his stats are 67/19/1.1 over 60 hands. I'm calling lighter than normal in position to play some pots with him, my notes on him are "calls down light", "value bet","best not to bluff him"....Effective stacks areHero: $197 COVillian: $185 MPHero holds A 10 Villian raises to $8, hero calls $8, SB folds, BB folds.Flop: 5 j Q Villian checks, Hero bets $14, Villian calls $14.Turn: 4 villian checks, hero bets $31, villian calls $31.River: 4 villian checks, hero???River is party spoiler for sure but are we value betting here? o
  21. standard, if he's holding QQ that sucks but your stacking AQ,KQ with 1 spade, Kings, Aces & jacks if he's a donk, I would prefer only 2 spades out there but I don't see how you get away from this one.
  22. your almost certainly behind here and folding is the best option, however if you fancy a gamble then shove it in baby!! your equity isn't that bad.
  23. I'm definatley raising the weak flop bet ...if he comes back over the top then I'll probably let it go, i don't think he has JJ here, I'm guessing KK, either way you aren't beating much and folding probably our best option, but it's close!
  24. don't like your line here at all... I fold here to the BB as your out of position and at best your even money against JJ. I check fold the flop also, I don't see him folding here to your raise given the stakes!
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