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  1. The secret to winning micro stakes is value betting. Don't bluff. Just value bet the living crap out of everyone. Not saying you shouldn't take stabs in pots, but you're gonna make all of your money value betting. Now this isn't a terrible spot to take a stab but just realize he's never folding 77-JJ here and he's checking those hands back a ton on the flop.
  2. How do you expect to exploit him out of position? Even if he was spewing huge post-flop, which I'm not sure he was based on your description just playing too many hands, what are you going to do flop sets every pot you play against him and check call to the river? Plus, his strategy doesn't seem too terrible hes playing a ton of hands against terrible players and not playing hands when another good player enters the pot in front of him (you).
  3. the reason why you play small ball in tournaments is bc if you lose your stack you are out, so you want to avoid marginal situations for large amounts of chips. in cash games you can reload at any time so if you can get your whole stack in as a 51% favorite you should do it everytime (in a vaccuum, obviously there are situations where you prob don't want to push razor thin edges i.e. spewy opponents, limited bankroll, etc.)it is true that playing small ball in cash games would limit your losses but more importantly it would limit your wins. this isn't to say you shouldnt' incorporate small b
  4. So I recently got $10 free from Absolute poker for some reason. In a little under 2 weeks I got my account up to $190, but have been losing money like crazy after moving up from .5/10 cent NLH to .10/.25.It seems like I go broke everytime I play a session (-$20 each session). I know this seems pathetic but I am having trouble adjusting to this limit for some reason. I have been successful playing .25/50 and even .50/1.00, its just the .10/25 cent that kills me. Any advice on adjustments I can make to my game?
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