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  1. too bad i can't gamble on wii bowling with daniel. i know how to get a 300 every time.
  2. i just restarted my router and it was all good
  3. send a message back saying that Lee Jones is your cousin/wife/uncle and say that you are very offended and threaten to leave the site forever. that would be hilarious
  4. they probably have some sort of deal with them
  5. that doesn't change the fact that it was funny
  6. Half-jokingly, i sent this message to Full Tilt support:"dear full tilt poker,please un-rig my accountthanks"They sent back this rather long response, which I thought was funny. Here it is:"Thank you for your e-mail.As an avid poker player, I certainly understand your frustrations withbad beats and general negative variance. I have myself been throughprolonged streaks of both good and bad luck.Please be assured that our shuffle is random.Please consider that as well as being technically close to impossible,there is no motivation for a poker site to "rig" the deck in favor oragainst a specific
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