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  1. Quit being a hater, it's weak and makes you look pathetic.
  2. Worst....Thread....Everand if that is the worst beat you ever take, you will prolly be a pretty happy man. Just wait till you get the 98%ers losing...them are fun.
  3. Ewwwwwie I got a good one:Either:Techno Song, 'Down' (Paul Okenfold maybe?) or better yet Howard Cossell saying.. "DOWN GOES FRAZZA, DOWN GOES FRAZZA"It's in white: right under here.Every time Full Tilt goes down.... man I'd be sick of that song!
  4. You know you have a really good poker site when:Atleast 2 major poker forums have to consolidate all the "is 'your' site down? threads......... I wish I was smart enough to leave.
  5. Seriously, why do we still play here?
  6. Hey Danny,Go ahead and have a happy birthday.... it's on me.
  7. Great...just when I thought we might have a shot at an uber-thread....Douchey McDoucherson shows up. We're really gonna have to rally here!
  8. I 'spose I was posting this for 'online is rigged' posse... this never happens live, etc. those of us who have played atleast a decent amount live have seen this or smiliar many a time.....oh well, bad post, I apologize.
  9. See, This Happens in the Real World, Too.A player in early position moves in for his last 2,700. The player on the button re-raises for about another 3,000 AND the player in the small blind calls. The player in the big blind, with barely 2,000 chips, tanks for a while, but ultimately calls. The hands.Early-position raiser J10 offsuitButton AASmall Blind KKBig Blind QQThe flop comes 6d5h7h the turn is Jdand the river is ....don't lookJlol rigaments
  10. I'd say about..... eleventy brazillion dollars....But I like to live the life of luxury... so maybe less for others.
  11. I'm getting a "Sorry unable to connect to servers" anybody else?
  12. That is awesome, very few people even know that there is another famous brother of Annie Duke.... Harold is by far the coolesstttt!
  13. Wait a second....are the resizable tables gone? I used them last night... now tonight...not so much.... Help anybody?
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