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  1. Way to go, and good luck.
  2. wcoop annoying the crap out of me. Down to 4k in the 2 day, been 3 bet 4 times by the same guy (who is 40/38 with 30 % 3 bet), he just bets/raises whatever I do, and the one time I call him down with 2nd pair, on a board with two aces on it, he has AK. QQ against AK K hit. Just glad the structure is so deep.
  3. I'm in the $530 2 day, and the $109 2nd chance. GL to all.
  4. In the $530 wcoop 2 day. Good luck to everyone tomorrow.
  5. 88k and sb coming up in 109Edit - 239th for $674.03Pushed Q 3 into a super tight bb, but chipleader in sb woke up with AQ
  6. At the bottom of my post, it says Get rakeback..., that is a link to a site called raketherake.com, which I had mentioned above offers an additional $7,500 freeroll monthly if you sign up to pokerstars through them. They offer other sites, with rakeback, but since pokerstars doesn't allow rakeback, they can only offer the freeroll. It doesn't cost you anything to sign up through them, and can provide an additional benefit other than signing up to pokerstars directly.
  7. If you are offering $200 for $200 W $ then ff7bigfan (Port Hope).Thanks
  8. Thanks, but unless it's for $200 of them, I'll just as soon pump them back in steps, or save for scoop.
  9. Yeah as far as I know it is, since pokerstars is the #1 site on the net. If you choose raketherake (from sig), and need any help there, let me know.
  10. In $109. If anybody wants to give me 1:1 for W $ and do me a favor, I have an extra $261 to get rid of.
  11. It is automatic no matter where you sign up to get the vip program. The $7500 monthly freeroll is exclusive to raketherake. VIP program gives you frequent player points at various rates, based on total play. If rake for a pot is 40 cents or greater, you get one point vip point, if it reaches $3 you get 2. This is whether or not you are in a pot. Frequent player points are based on the VIP points you earn, and depending on your status level, you can get multipliers such as 150 % FPP'S per VIP point. FPP's can be used to enter tournaments, or buy things in the store. For quite a few poin
  12. 1) There is no such thing as rakeback on stars, only their vip program. However if you sign up with a rakeback site, some will offer freerolls for all players signed up through their site, such as raketherake (see sig), which offers $7500 monthly.2) Can't comment, I use moneybookers, which is not open to americans.3) Pokerstars is one of the top sites, and takes security very seriously. Atlthough there are datamining sites that offer stats, pokerstars does have some rules in place, such as discouraging people from saying what your stats are like to a table, and does have great security m
  13. As a Canadian myself, so no direct experience, I have heard good things about the softness of play, but it is 4 tables max per player. If you do sign up, make sure to pm Kurt (Suited_Up) as his rakeback site can hook you up with a vip deal.
  14. Is there a difference with Ladbrokes/other skins on Microgaming/Prima network? I don't believe Unibet has been affected yet, and see it on my rakeback sites page, but I'm wondering if either of these 2 are safe, or likely to end up the same as the others, since Eurolinx seemed to have a big reputation not too long ago.
  15. Are you in the United states? If not, then I would recommend Ipoker. There are tons of skins that share the same games on that network, and games are decent. As well, you can find good signup bonuses on a lot of them, as well as deals on other ones. If you are looking for loyalty programs, check my sig, and click loyalty programs tab as it gives you plenty of ipoker sites, with races, and various bonuses. However, ipoker is not available to us citizens.
  16. Although Mr Saul needs some sleeves on his shirt, would be better to see Mr Baxter take this down.
  17. So 9 hands in HEM, 30/20 for him, opinions on when I should bet, and what size?Full Tilt Poker Game #13926088499: FTOPS Event #10 (96417036), Table 130 - 20/40 - No Limit Hold'em - 18:30:49 ET - 2009/08/09Seat 1: Carklinky (2,135)Seat 2: My Brim Low (8,695)Seat 3: pettigcards (5,020)Seat 4: IthinkUthnkIsuk (5,125)Seat 5: USCswimmer (4,610)Seat 6: theaussiemyth (4,765)Seat 7: Nocturnick (4,855)Seat 8: Hoss022 (4,920)Seat 9: oouuucccchhh (4,875)Nocturnick posts the small blind of 20Hoss022 posts the big blind of 40The button is in seat #6*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hoss022 [Qs Qh]oouuucccchhh rai
  18. 3 way even chops, $4262Negs was 3.7 MillionOther guy 3.9 millionchipleader 6.3 millionNo hesitation for others to accept.
  19. For just about half the chips in play. Lame river.PokerStars Game #31369816102: Tournament #183606161, $10+$1 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XLI (40000/80000) - 2009/08/07 21:26:55 ETTable '183606161 19' 9-max Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 1: alisson102 (1805318 in chips) Seat 2: mannimo (1630756 in chips) Seat 3: NoKidding (1187433 in chips) Seat 4: Willy Banaan (2707731 in chips) Seat 5: Gary Grimey (892606 in chips) Seat 6: DrugsNotGood (654784 in chips) Seat 7: Chrispro84 (446480 in chips) Seat 8: seat3ismine (4519892 in chips) alisson102: posts the ante 10000mannimo: posts the ante 10000NoKidd
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