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  1. Maybe some cash games, did most of my boxing day shopping online on the 24th, but going out still for a bit more.
  2. Using points causes a hit to your rakeback. If say you rake $200 but you cash in points worth $100, you are left with $100 rakeback x the 27 % rate, or $27 instead of $54. I think the rate is every point you cash in is worth $0.005.It won't cause you to owe money back, but the points could put you in negative, and then you won't get any until you are in a positive position again.
  3. Tuesday 10 pm to midnight on TSN 1.
  4. I got back $18 and play mostly rush poker as well.
  5. I prefer full tilt because you can get rakeback. It amounts to getting back a percentage of your fees. For rakeback, the link in my sig, raketherake.com has been fairly good for me, and offers a good monthly freeroll on top of the rakeback, which I Have final tabled once for 4 figures. Unfortunately pokerstars is one of the few sites that doesn't offer rakeback.
  6. GG friend, you deserve a better finish, and it'll come for you soon, I know it.
  7. I prefer the old look of the site from last year, but it's not bad on pokernews.
  8. Crazy to play that long. Here's hoping he doesn't lose too much in the later stages when he becomes a zombie.
  9. ff7bigfan


    Way to go, I suppose.
  10. Another typical day todayFull Tilt Poker Game #21093871127: Table Hermes - $1/$2 - No Limit Hold'em - 17:34:34 ET - 2010/05/24Seat 1: kauZey ($206)Seat 2: 1angryshark ($197.20)Seat 3: Diduddel ($244.40)Seat 4: Hoss022 ($562.10)Seat 5: Soda_Popinsky ($246.80)Seat 6: Firerang ($59.25)Seat 7: jswilson42 ($158)Seat 8: puglous ($789.75)Seat 9: origano57 ($134.30)puglous posts the small blind of $1origano57 posts the big blind of $2The button is in seat #7*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hoss022 [Ad Ah]kauZey folds1angryshark foldsDiduddel foldsHoss022 raises to $6Soda_Popinsky foldsFirerang raises to $15
  11. This one was fun tooFull Tilt Poker Game #21079799167: Table Hermes - $1/$2 - No Limit Hold'em - 3:31:22 ET - 2010/05/24Seat 1: LuckyRiver1 ($1,419.90)Seat 2: Hoss022 ($235.20)Seat 3: hoami ($581.35)Seat 4: notontilt09 ($242.15)Seat 5: FlatAffect ($395.40)Seat 6: Likepure ($232)Seat 7: Mu330 ($248)Seat 8: Maxwellagent86 ($125.85)Seat 9: asuscott ($299.70)hoami posts the small blind of $1notontilt09 posts the big blind of $2The button is in seat #2*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hoss022 [Kc Kh]FlatAffect foldsLikepure foldsMu330 has 8 seconds left to actMu330 foldsMaxwellagent86 calls $2asuscott fol
  12. Full Tilt Poker Game #21027640420: Table Hermes - $1/$2 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:10:54 ET - 2010/05/22Seat 1: h8theriver75 ($711.95)Seat 2: MintyG ($200)Seat 3: rwass ($173)Seat 4: LOCUST7 ($102.70)Seat 5: Hoss022 ($323.35)Seat 6: nolimitgrandma ($204.25)Seat 7: prettydevil1 ($217.95)Seat 8: Kahael ($161.30)Seat 9: flammpoker ($223.65)Hoss022 posts the small blind of $1nolimitgrandma posts the big blind of $2The button is in seat #4*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hoss022 [As Ah]prettydevil1 has 8 seconds left to actprettydevil1 raises to $6Kahael foldsflammpoker foldsh8theriver75 foldsMintyG foldsrwa
  13. One of the good ones that annoyed me.Full Tilt Poker Game #21077652004: Table Hermes - $1/$2 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:38:28 ET - 2010/05/24Seat 1: Leviboy ($137.65)Seat 2: beginner28 ($474.20)Seat 3: aboren ($185.80)Seat 4: AJS-DC ($262.15)Seat 5: Hoss022 ($264.20)Seat 6: CondolengisRice ($299.60)Seat 7: mzuza ($130.30)Seat 8: adizief ($158.35)Seat 9: Pikachu32 ($200)beginner28 posts the small blind of $1aboren posts the big blind of $2The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hoss022 [Ah Ac]AJS-DC raises to $6Hoss022 calls $6CondolengisRice foldsmzuza foldsadizief foldsPikachu32 foldsL
  14. Bit frustrated making this call, but it turned out I was right, until the turn/river cameFull Tilt Poker Game #21077041694: Table Hermes - $1/$2 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:02:08 ET - 2010/05/24Seat 1: Hoss022 ($407)Seat 2: natan106 ($363.30)Seat 3: GAMBOLLER ($135.55)Seat 4: Brian Caby ($201.35)Seat 5: PlayerMK ($99.25)Seat 6: Octatonic ($203)Seat 7: Ahurazor ($263.80)Seat 8: NeverBluffing30 ($291.85)Seat 9: dachshund ($463.45)PlayerMK posts the small blind of $1Octatonic posts the big blind of $2The button is in seat #4*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hoss022 [Ts Ad]Ahurazor foldsNeverBluffing30 raises
  15. Being a fellow Canadian, I would recommend to use moneybookers. (www.moneybookers.com) They are basically like netteller, an online wallet that is accepted on every site I have been to. Seems to be universal, and no issues for me, although it has been about 3 years since I have had to deposit onto the internet in general, so can't comment on certain Visa/other cards working, but I believe you can also do bank transfers.If you are looking for a referral, I suggest the site in my sig. Great monthly freeroll for full tilt, and never had any problems with them.
  16. I would recommend the site in my sig. I've been using them for a while, and have enjoyed their monthly freeroll. It is 52.5k now, and half the players do not actually show up. Final tabled it once for about 3k. I've never had problems with the site, and have multiple accounts through them.
  17. In cash games maybe.GL to all playing tournies, ship something big, especially Negs.
  18. GL to anybody you end up staking.
  19. This is where it becomes such a problem. How do you define primary source of income. When you say substantial, that may mean more than your ft job, and it depends on the eye of the interpreter whether this would be primary. Revenue Canada could certainly consider it a primary source if you elevated your lifestyle from it, or if certainly you made more doing it than your job. However I have heard of few definitive cases, and everything seems to be still on a case by case basis. One thing to be careful of, I have talked to several different accountants, and several have said "you have a ful
  20. I would take this advice with a grain of salt. The number you called up is general enquiries, and poker winnings are an area which do not necessarily have concrete set in stone rules to say yes they are, or no they are not, if you meet this specific bullet point. I would not expect your average person at general enquiries to know the correct answer for you as to whether or not it is taxable. I wouldn't expect a number of accountants to know. I'm a CA myself, and have had this discussion with many acquaintances and heard various answers. I would suggest visiting a CA that is knowledgeable
  21. Good article. It really is such a vague subject still, and one where there is a lack of knowledge, because like you said, they would have to look at your specific case to make a decision. I myself have called up technical interpretations, and not really got much more info than this.I look forward to reading your future articles.
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