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  1. Yeah, I'm still lurking around...though once in a blue moon someone at the casino will recognize me which I think is pretty neat. It's better if no one at the table knows me though.For those interested, I got a job recently! So weekdays now comprise of commuting, working, eating, and then sleeping. Not much time for anything else. Internet and TV time has gone down though I found video gaming to go up...On weekends I've been going to the casino lately and basically just catching up on sleep and rest.I've also played in two small live buy-in tournies with my new found wealth. Well they are ac
  2. Before any rumors start flying, I was obviously kidding about Daniel being broke. He is definitely well off and as far as I know, he just plays low stakes for fun. I hope the rest of you got the joke. Unless you were talking about me being broke, which, sadly, is very much true. I don't even have money to play at the micro limits for a while. Thanks, It seems I didn't really meet that many people from FCP in Vegas. Then again, I guess not many people went or played in Vegas.
  3. You have a special place in my heart...as for the rest of you, consider yourselves to be on my hit list...But yeah, it's cool. If I wasn't flamed so badly for that hand I would've totally dismissed that hand. It really got me thinking.I'd ask Daniel, but he's as broke as I am. That's why he's grinding it out with me at the micro limits on Pokerstars. Well unfortunately Daniel was quite busy during the WSOP with Pokerstars and playing in most events so I didn't really get a chance to talk to him. He gave me tips here and there and if I had any questions I'd e-mail him. I certainly think I've im
  4. Yeah, It would've been nice to be able to set aside part of the 40k and use it for my bankroll. I would've made like a blog about my progress with it. That'd be interesting. The guy who rivered you made some more ridiculous plays and kept sucking out. I'm sure everyone had their eyes on his money. I lost in every cash game I played in Vegas and did slightly better in tournaments (but that was just pure luck as they were small buy-in ones). My bad luck culminated in my last hand of my last cash game where apparently according to Poker Tools on Cardplayer, he only had 1.67% chance of winning. An
  5. Well, I just got back from Vegas and the whole Protege thing was definitely an experience of a lifetime. I just want to take a few moments here to thank FCP for holding such a promotion. More specifically, I'd like to thank Matt who was responsible for getting me FCP gear, booked places for me to stay, and so much more. He really made me feel like a VIP. I'm sure there's other people in FCP who worked behind the scenes and I'd like to thank them as well. I obviously want to thank Daniel too for giving me some tips on poker. As well, I want to say thanks to all the people who posted words of en
  6. Hello everybody, seems like I'm getting a lot of heat for folding the queens. Doesn't my brilliant fold (or maybe it wasn't so brilliant in retrospect...) with the AK kinda offset the seemingly horrible fold with the queens? Yet, no one commented on that...you guys/gals are so hard to please...Somehow I imagine that if I did call on that hand and he did turn up aces, instead of reading 'gg sir, at least you went out with queens', it'd be more like 'ZOMGWTFBBQ, that's obviously aces man, how you not fold that you donkey!'. LOL. Anyway, let's see if I can clear some things up. The player was not
  7. Happy belated birthday. Seems a lot of people have birthdays around this time.
  8. Happy belated birthday as well. It was great meeting you. Hope you have a fun and relaxing break away from the tables.
  9. Yeah, on the last hand, at the time I thought he might've been trying to isolate me (he was chip leader at my table) with a mid-pair but looking back it seemed like that was the most likely hand he could've had. I think if I had more chips, I might've laid it down (would that be wise?).Today, I had much better cards pre-flop for as long as I can remember. After the flop though, there would always be overcards to my pocket pairs every single time. For one hand I had KK vs. AK but I think I lost the minimum there cause either the guy was slowplaying his top pair or was just scared that I had som
  10. Well, after my call after the reraise, I had 3500 chips left. I didn't put him on that big of a hand. A low pocket pair maybe or possibly even trying to take the pot with nothing. I wanted him to think I had AK or a high pocket. If I had pushed all in instead of bet 2k on the turn, I might have taken it down. He gave a long thought before pushing me all in. I thought a smaller bet might have been better against a pro. Just my thinking on the last hand be it right or wrong. I'm not going to peg my results on bad luck but I think I have been running pretty bad lately. A lot of hands weren't post
  11. It was nice hanging out with you Scott and getting to meet Kurt as well as see Adam again.
  12. Thanks again. Thanks nutzbuster.
  13. Thanks everyone, maybe I won't be carded at the casino now? Probably have to wait another 10-20 years.Happy Birthday to you too TheCinciKid. I have a friend whose birthday is today as well so Happy Birthday John.Actually 1 out 3 hit me. I do like playing table tennis so I wouldn't mind a new paddle. I'm actually thinking of dropping by this table tennis place in Vegas sometime to play.Also, is it just me or do we have to click each individual post to read it now?
  14. Another hand I played I had QQ, raised to 200 (blinds 25/50) in early position. Two callers. A 7 3 clubs. Check, I bet 400. Call. Fold. Turn is a 3, I bet 1k. He calls. River is a 7. I check, he checks. He shows A4 spades.I have no idea what I was doing with the jacks. I was shortstacked after the hand with queens and I wanted him to commit all his chips so I could double up. I figured that if he had an overpair or some flush draw, he would call me anyway if I pushed. If he had some mid-low pair, he might bet again on the turn. I'm sure if would call if I went all in on the flop with his hand
  15. Yeah, there was one player I sat with who was at my table for my first event. I'm thinking a lot of the pros don't play the smaller events cause I barely see any big names. I did happen to see Brian Fidler on my first break. I felt I played much better today and I feel that I'll at least make it to day 2 in the next event.
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