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  1. You have zero ability to steal or bluff when you are in position because he's in the blinds. You have to make hands. You aren't in a good seat to isolate him, and he's crippling you against the rest of the table. Best you can do is let him bet all day and call down with your made hands. No way to extract value from marginal spots postflop unless he's goes bluff happy.
  2. Railing. I think it's your relative position to him that's making life difficult.
  3. What table?Side note, Mattnxtc is playing on FTP at the moment, so I guess he's back on the horse. Not sure what happened there, Matt, but hope you worked it out.
  4. OOP.He maybe an agrodonk preflop, but he seems loose-passive postflop based on the hands you've posted. Adjust accordingly.
  5. Double post. Yeah, that's the one, Highway. There was only one game going, I think.
  6. My first instinct is to tighten up a bit preflop and pound him when I have a made hand postflop. Isolate the crap out of him, even with hands you'd rather play multiway like suited connectors. Since he's bloating the pots you're going to get the odds to play ABC poker with your draws, as well as get action on your made hands. Just keep it cheap when you miss. It's swongy, but profitable, i think.
  7. It makes me feel good about 2009 when I see that these tyes of players are still out there.
  8. Goals for 2009Poker-Turn $800 into $40,000 playing cash games-Play at least 125,000 hands for the year, at least 2.5K hands a week except 2 weeks vacation-Stick to my bankroll management plan (300BB FRLHE, 500BB SHLHE, 20BI NLHE, 30BI SHNLHE)-Track results daily-Analyze each session and constantly improve. Work on my game when I'm not playing.-Become a positive influence in this community. Think positively and stay away from negativity. Take nothing personally.Non-Poker-Write fiction for at least one hour every morning before anything else. Complete and submit at least one novel.-Get to th
  9. Sounds like you're thinking and making good decisions. That's what it's all about. You'll be back to where you were before you know it and be better for it.
  10. I have just under $800 split between Stars and Full Tilt. Goal for 2009 is 80K. Really, that's the same thing I did last year, taking $10 to over 1K at one point with solid BR management and hardly any volume. Ok, it's not really the same thing, but I'm going to do it anyway.
  11. Then why do we bet/fold? I'm curious as to what we get value from. I suppose if he's calling us with the pairs we beat plus some Ace-high hands and such. I get that if we get raised we can fold because nothing we beat raises us on the river in this spot, but don't we get more value by letting him bet those same hands we beat plus bluff his draws?Mind you, I don't know the answer. I'm thinking out loud.
  12. I'm right around 220,000 since ,05. Maybe 20k before that, plus another 5k live.For the basketball thing, if you've taken 1 million shots since you were 8, and were 38 years old right now (you're probably younger), that would mean you've taken almost 100 shots a day on average for the last thirty years. Every day. I find this rather hard to believe.
  13. I think IPITS. I'm not sure how many hands call you that you beat. The flush got there, 2nd pair got there, this guy could be peeling overs or a smaller pocket pair. I wonder if this is ever a bet/fold on the river hoping to fold out Jx with a better kicker.
  14. You, sir, are one of the best players I barely know. Find a way to take a mind-clearing deep breath. **** the shit out of someone and get rid of all that negative, draining energy. Then refocus, grab hold of a positive, success driven mindset, and crush.
  15. Take a break. Run bad, play bad, both, not sure?
  16. First session in like a month tonight. 200 hands, +34BB. Yarpo, me!
  17. That's what I typed at first, but for some reason I decided to be PC. Crap. I need something to say that covers all the bases but doesn't make me feel like a spineless shill for PC.I'm going with Yarpo.Yarpo, everyone.
  18. Merry Christmas, fellow LHE addicts. Hope the holidays run good for everyone.Been lurking a bit lately. Be back for the New Year to renew my daily commitment to self-induced exercises in stress management. Anyone going to be in AC for New Year's Eve/Day? I'm thinking about heading down and playing poker, craps, roulette, and drinking heavily.
  19. I spent some time at the Borgata today. I went over to the dark side and played 2/5 NL for about 5 hours. I have money to buy Christmas presents for the wife and family, and enough left to get me a nice new laptop.I wish online poker player like live poker, but at the online speed.
  20. I'm playing very well in shortish single table 6-max sessions the past few days. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to read people and play them correctly. I remember what an adjustment is now, even though I'm probably still making the wrong ones.I'll slowly ramp up my play as the month goes on.Thanks for everyone's patience with me. I'm an abrasive *******.
  21. Um, odd. Wait, which Ghostbusters cartoon? Ghostbusters, or The Real Ghosbusters. Not that Iremember the difference, except that one sucked.I should probably have only posted one hand, but I was on a roll and in the mood for some discussion. I have to remember we actually have strat forums here somewhere.BTW, not getting defensive about any criticism. I'm just trying to find the correct adjustments to the basic strategy I'm working with for the micros.Besides, I don't want anyone to think I actually play some hands well.
  22. I'm last to act here. If I check behind I'm hoping Jack high is good. I still don't like the river bet, but I'd rather bet/fold here than check behind after I forgot to bet the turn.
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