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  1. I should have led the flop for sure. I'm looking to c/r any turn card that strengthens my hand. As played I probably have to just call any A-J. In truth without leading the flop I wonder if a better line is simply to call the turn and plan to call the river ui.
  2. You are the epitome of understated excellence. Being off the radar is probably how you make so much moneys.
  3. I was thinking that too this past week, until I ran into nitville at 1/2 FR tonight. I had a loose passive to my left at one table, and a maniac to my left at the other, and they apparently hold my nuts. Despite the two loosies, the table VP$IP's were 13% and 17% respectively, and I was card dead and in shitty position to steal/resteal. I looked for better tables, but got my hands in before my name came up on the 7-10 deep waiting lists.BTW, net result, -1.375 BB.
  4. How There Is Best Hand Wihtouth To See the Floop? I Am Sure Not I To Have Hand Until I See The Floop With The Cards I Am Having Yet To Come.
  5. BB is a 50/27/3.25 who has never folded a blind in an hour. He goes to showdown about 60% of the time, and bluffs more than his fair share. He's running hot atm.I didn't raise because I'm not getting it HU anyway, and I have zero bluff equity against BB on future streets.Is my line good?PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $1.00 BB (5 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comPreflop: Hero is SB with 6 , 6 2 folds, Button calls, Hero calls, BB checksFlop: (3 SB) 3 , 7 , 4 (3 players)Hero checks, BB bets, Button calls, Hero callsTurn: (3 BB) 7 (3 players)Hero checks, BB bets, 1 fold, He
  6. How Is Posible To Accept All In Withouth To See The Floop ?
  7. Prettymuch. I was focusing so hard on reading hands and taking notes that I had UTG+2 pegged for either a Q or AA, and CO for a weak Jack or a gutshot. When the Q his I figured it boated the bettor, and I forgot I was even in the hand, really. I folded faster than lightning like it was 92o preflop, and immediately punched my desk and cursed myself out.
  8. Who's won the most money? I vote for them.Seriously, off the top of my head it has to include Snamuh, AcidKnight, Chucksty, FCPBob, Navybuttons, DinkDonk...there's more but I don't pay that much attention to tournament, and hardly any attention to NL the last twelve months.If results don't matter, then definitely nonotbaxter.
  9. Feel Dumb Hand of the DayPokerStars Limit Hold'em, $2.00 BB (10 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comPreflop: Hero is MP1 with K , K 2 folds, UTG+2 raises, Hero 3-bets, 2 folds, CO caps, 3 folds, UTG+2 calls, Hero callsFlop: (13.5 SB) J , 9 , Q (3 players)UTG+2 bets, Hero calls, CO raises, UTG+2 calls, Hero callsTurn: (9.75 BB) 9 (3 players)UTG+2 checks, Hero checks, CO bets, UTG+2 calls, Hero callsRiver: (12.75 BB) 9 (3 players)UTG+2 bets, Hero folds, CO callsTotal pot: $26 (13 BB) | Rake: $1Hard to win at this game when you do this.
  10. Button is 29/23/1.6 and steals 68% over 100 hands. BB is 47/7/2.6 over 20ish hands, and has folded BB to steal 2/2. Based on my position and the preflop play of the BB, I think I should have just check/called the flop, or possibly led out if I wanted to improve my chances of winning the pot without a showdown. I think I choose the worst option, even though I have a slight equity advantage on the flop. It leaves me in a tough spot where I have to fire the turn ui if I want to continue in the lead, but my equity has gone way down. These spots always leave me confused.PokerStars Limit Hold'e
  11. BB is a 65/25/1.6 after 100 hands. He has folded his BB only once, and rarely 3-bets. He is very showdown bound, and will bluff when checked to religiously. He's also running like god to the tune of $50 in the last 20 hands, which is why the table has gone 3-handed. I've broken even against him and the table to this point, though I've lost several big pots to him on the later streets, but I was beating up the rest of the weak-tight table.How's my line?PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $1.00 BB (3 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comPreflop: Hero is SB with 5 , A 1 fold, Hero
  12. I'd like to fold here, but I probably call down and expect to be beat.
  13. I barely played in February so I'm doing to try and get disciplined in March. Goals are:20K hands of Limit Hold-em, split evenly between full ring and 6-max.Post 2 hands/day in strat.Review every session daily.Play to the best of my ability at all times. No autopilot.
  14. Thanks Bob. It's not rigid so much as a guide to getting the hands in. If I'm playing/running badly I'll definitely walk away for a bit, but I am trying to instill some discipline in myself to not only get hands in but to play my A game as much as possible and autopilot less. I find that I'm too easy on myself in that I'll walk away when I should but not come back and play for a couple of days, or play very short sessions even when I'm winning.How do you guys set hand goals for yourselves but still walk away when you should? How long before you'll sit back down again? Obviously this is in
  15. I'm challenging myself to get a work ethic in March. I'm going to play 20K hands this month, split evenly between Full Ring and 6-max. I'm using a simple 300 Big Bet bankroll for FR, drop down at 200 BB, , and play 6-max one limit lower for simplicity. I'm planning on playing ten 500-hand sessions a week with a break at 250 hands when I switch games.
  16. That's ok, I don't exist. My new LHE goal is to be ranked by the end of June, which means actually rolled for and playing 2/4 or better obviously. I'm such a slacker.
  17. Wow, how is that place? Looks pretty nice.
  18. I need a beer. Maybe I'll drive to Buffalo.
  19. I skimmed over pre, but that guy is tight and 3-betting from the SB greatly narrows his range to like 5%, no?
  20. No Phil Galfond. Guy gets no respect.IMO there are enough names now to add another round and double the invites.
  21. I like the turn call more than I like the river raise.
  22. If it's a gambling trip, AC is fine. Stick to the Borgata, Harrah's, Showboat, and Taj. If you want to do anything besides drink and gamble, go to Vegas.
  23. This, but I'm pretty sure making crying calls on the end is my biggest leak at this point.
  24. I'm in the c/c camp on this one as well, mostly because doing so gives him a license to bet pretty much his full range. If he bets a hand that we lose to and we call, that's no worse than b/f but we get info on how he plays, and if he bets a hand we beat, whether it's a bluff or value bet on his part, we gain a bet vs. those hands he folds when we b/f.
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