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  1. Hey guys. I was wondering what your thoughts are about the pros/cons of sunglasses to no sunglasses are in live poker, specifically tournament live poker. And I guess on that topic, yay or nay on I Pod usage?P.S. This website/forum is great, it really is. Thank you DN for being the innovator way back when.
  2. hmmmm ok havnt been on this site in 5 months or so, see that i made some bold claims about the spurs that havnt exactly come true. nevertheless Ginobili is ballin right now and i hope they run hot hot in the playoffs and things work out. cant wait for playoffs!
  3. hey guys, for those of you who play PLO, a few general questions:1.) how did you start? books, videos, etc2.) how do the swings feel compared to NL?3.) tell me how much you like/dislike iti am blanking on more questions, but basically i wanna start playing this game at some point and am wondering about the experiences of others who partake in such a stimulating endeavor. thanks!
  4. i think i spelled their wrong, unless you want to go somewhere after, there*
  5. fold flop in hand 1, and raise preflop in hand 2. keep at it youll get their gl.
  6. While I am not gonna say that you didnt watch all that basketball for all those years, stating that you think the Spurs were favored by the refs more then any other team for a decade is the classic kind of declaration that isn't supposed to be challenged. Obviously we aren't going to go back and watch 800 NBA season games (or maybe not haha). But I think its a huge cope out in a way to state that. I have watched a lot of NBA basketball since around 1998 for whats it worth. Of course there are biased refs, i never said there were not lol. Thats a good subtle dinger at the end too haha, got
  7. haha damn, CR AI on river would have been sexy against him
  8. Ill bet a bunch with someone that the Spurs are gonna win the NBA Championship this year.
  9. What are you talking about? Refs cheating for the Spurs? What? If anyone remembers the 2008 Westerin Finals, the lakers were CLEARLY favored by the refs. If you are talking about the 2007 Western Finals against the Suns and how there were suspensions on the Suns for players leaving the bench, then that is not the refs fault, that is the assistant coaches fault for not keeping their mind in the game and knowing to control their players.ALL superstars whine, and if they dont, they could, easily. I saw Lebron James courtside this year in Philly and he literally yelled "HEY" to the ref every
  10. Yeah I remember back in 2006 the 100 200 an 200 400 NL 6 max games ran non stop on Full Tilt, and i used to watch that all the time and try to figure out what everyone was doing. to relate that to now, i would say watch the 40 80 deep games that run alot lately, almost eveyr player in that game is in the top category of NL cash pros.
  11. trying to man, fewer donks around then the good ole days of 2007 though.
  12. Are the shit. NBA Champs this year if everyone stays healthy.
  13. yo what up Full Contact Poker. I used to browse these parts.
  14. im up a little over 15 grand so far over 2522 hands. determined to keep grinding, hopefully big things are in store, havnt had a big month since 2007 really.
  15. I had a sweet finish to the month, and ended up around 31 grand in a little less then 9K hands. I am gonna try to play at least 13 to 15 thousand hands this month, hopefully things will work out in that department.
  16. i played twice in the first 3 days this month, won 4 grand the 1st time, lost 13 grand the 2nd time, then didn't play until I got back to England on the 13th. Since then I have won 32 grand, so up 23 grand for the month. I am in Spain until early June, so I dunno how many more hands I will get in, but im really happy I got back on track. This seems obvious, but playing in a quiet apartment with great internet service>>>>>>>>playing in a loud fraternity house with terrible internet service. time to hit the beach oh and by the way, I have been to England, France, It
  17. 2 sweet hands so far this month:FullTiltPoker Game #6274042877: Table Pipe (heads up) - $10/$20 - No Limit Hold'em - 16:27:31 ET - 2008/05/03Seat 1: bigd0251 ($1,659)Seat 2: IHaveAStrong9 ($2,129)bigd0251 posts the small blind of $10IHaveAStrong9 posts the big blind of $20The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to IHaveAStrong9 [Qs Qc]bigd0251 calls $10IHaveAStrong9 raises to $70bigd0251 calls $50*** FLOP *** [Jd Td Jh]IHaveAStrong9 has 15 seconds left to actIHaveAStrong9 bets $120bigd0251 calls $120*** TURN *** [Jd Td Jh] [Qd]IHaveAStrong9 checksbigd0251 checks*** RIVER *** [Jd Td Jh
  18. hmm wow havnt posted here in a while. April was kind of a weird month, was considering taking a long break from poker mid way through the month and did for a few days. I had a good finish to the month though and ended up around 40 grand which includes some live 2 5 NL ownage. Goals for May are:-get back in great shape-figure out classes for the fall-maybe some FTOPS events-10 thousand hands-play well
  19. You are pretty much correct when you say this.PS I am also drunk, and very high so I AM way off
  20. FullTiltPoker Game #5889790516: Table Snub (heads up) - $10/$20 - No Limit Hold'em - 4:12:33 ET - 2008/04/03Seat 1: Kenny Tran ($2,368.50)Seat 2: IHaveAStrong9 ($2,020)Kenny Tran posts the small blind of $10IHaveAStrong9 posts the big blind of $20The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to IHaveAStrong9 [Kd Ts]Kenny Tran raises to $60IHaveAStrong9 calls $40*** FLOP *** [6h 5c 2d]IHaveAStrong9 checksKenny Tran bets $90IHaveAStrong9 raises to $260Kenny Tran calls $170*** TURN *** [6h 5c 2d] [Ad]IHaveAStrong9 checksKenny Tran checks*** RIVER *** [6h 5c 2d Ad] [6c]IHaveAStrong9 checksKenny
  21. I had a good March and won 48 grand. Hopefully in April I can:-play at least 15K hands-play a few DS 6 max tournaments-continue to try and play as well as I possibly can every time
  22. He just had a big tendency to donk out with nothing, as I called a few down and other times raised the flop and he quickly folded. I was pretty sure he was going to try and 3 bet bluff the flop before I raised, so shoving the flop seemed almost necessary. Usually during bluffs I am a bit nervous depending on how big the pot is, but on this hand, I was strangely very calm when it was on him after I made the 4th raise, and was pretty sure that he would fold haha. I'm sure sometimes this kind of play backfires huge, but hey, it didn't their, so thats whats important right??
  23. ooh and heres this sweet hand from yesterday:Full Tilt Poker Game #5820697529: Table Vivian (heads up) - $5/$10 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:55:26 ET - 2008/03/28 Seat 1: regrefvd ($830.10) Seat 2: IHaveAStrong9 ($1,217.50) IHaveAStrong9 posts the small blind of $5 regrefvd posts the big blind of $10 The button is in seat #2 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to IHaveAStrong9 [7d 5d] IHaveAStrong9 raises to $30 regrefvd calls $20 *** FLOP *** [2h Ac 6s] regrefvd bets $40 IHaveAStrong9 raises to $160 regrefvd has 15 seconds left to act regrefvd raises to $320 IHaveAStrong9 has 15 seconds left to act IHaveAStr
  24. up like 42 thousand in march despite not playing 9 of the days. gonna try and ship a 50K month, fingers crossssed.
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