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  1. of course...and i will still keep in touch with these people, playing cards or not. these people are the main reason why i still surface from time to time
  2. I have a T-Mobile G1 Google phone. It is synced to my G-Mail account, so it's constantly logged into on my phone. I'm laying upstairs in bed watching TV when I hear my phone beep. I take a look at it, and get an alert stating that I need to log into my g-mail account. I try to, but keep getting the 'incorrect password' notification. I then run downstairs to the office where my desktop PC resides. Jon happens to be in the office as well, having recently wrapped up his Sunday online grind. I pull up my browser and try to log into my g-mail there:Me: "Uh...baby??"Jon: "Yea?"Me: "I can't log into
  3. i folded btw - too deep to stack off with one pair - no clear read on the guy - turn bet sizing was huge so i felt like he was gonna shove the riv no matter.
  4. thoughts? stacks are so deep to start in this trny - found myself stumped herePokerStars Game #33085297179: Tournament #200909045, $5000+$200 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level V (60/120) - 2009/09/20 16:16:59 PT [2009/09/20 19:16:59 ET]Table '200909045 31' 9-max Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 1: AnaBooola (12890 in chips) Seat 2: XTraCey (20980 in chips) Seat 3: MkMadTILT (26920 in chips) Seat 4: saphire1 (10060 in chips) Seat 5: erikboye (24545 in chips) Seat 6: Schappuscha (12597 in chips) Seat 7: MezmerizePLZ (24963 in chips) Seat 8: pokerbrat13 (22245 in chips) Seat 9: HC_68 (24800 in chips) AnaBooo
  5. nice run VT that hand made me vomit! was fun railin ya and ty for railin me in the deuce as well <3
  6. ya i know the feeling. was on the other end couple times last night in mil and 2nd chance too and it sux to lose! regardless well played pat and i know i'll get to rail some more ft's of urs in the future obv
  7. thx all.. gonna go hang myself now...
  8. lol @ that troy! stfu u dont need teaching... more like U should teach me! :Pand thx everyone 4 the gl wishes! will try and make ya'll proud... gonna be tough cuz rivermanl is like a huge CL right now...but i atleast have pos on him
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