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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1997-Metal-Universe-Precious-Metal-Gems-PMG-Green-Kobe-Bryant-10-81-BGS-PWCC/402157252105?hash=item5da270ae09:g:-o4AAOSwR7ReapsG
  2. We had our final softball tryouts for 12 year old girls. I am relatively new to this (being an Assistant Coach) but seeing the girls faces and how hard they are trying. It was extremely hard for me to have to decide who stays and who is cut. One girl who was good enough to make the team got cut. Why? Because her father is an A hole.
  3. I actually have been asked to join a hockey team this year. Have not played in a league in a long time. I said yes if I can bring my son to play with me
  4. I use to do that for a week once a year. However I personally think Washington DC is worst I actually got use to driving in rush hour but the perk about the girls getting older is that their practices are latter and not at 6 pm
  5. Do you have to fight through rush hour traffic every night The good thing about driving all over Ontario is that I have never stayed in Windsor Georgetown Barrie Cambridge Kitchener etc before. Spending a weekend there and now I know why I have never stay there before
  6. My first year for both of my girls rep softball season is pretty much over. From mid April till now I have driven 25k kms. Both of my girls have played close to 50 games in that time period I have enjoyed this summer tremendously and they both are now required to retry to get back on their teams as all positions are now open next week. However we do know they have spots
  7. Congrats Danny. We also stopped at 3
  8. Wow congrats Yes you hit the jackpot. My youngest daughter was born 08/08/07. She wishes it was 2008
  9. Last weekend was hot. My younger daughter played pretty good. She got stuck in as a pitcher against arguably the best team in Ontario and held her own but we still lost 15-0 Next game I will always remember. She hit her first home run but we lost 8-7 Back home Sunday night I thought damn I should have grab the ball. At practice for Monday the coach’s husband gives me the ball. He grabbed it for her
  10. Draft weekend is also the day of my daughter last soccer tournament
  11. The worst weekend occurred last weekend. One daughter was in Drumbo area and the other was in Milton (last conflict this summer). It was tough as I was driving back and forth. I was out the door at 6:30 am and back in the hotel at 11 pm. Sunday was a warm day and both girls were playing for the B championship. My older daughter’s team made it to the finals and in the bottom of the 6th after the Vaughan team scored 5 runs to make it 6-2 against us a parent supposedly called the girls “puta”. The ump heard and talked to him and he said the reference was toward our coach. Nothing happen to hi
  12. Yes also the older daughter also plays Rep Soccer. Her team had a tournament this weekend in Toronto (Robbie Tournament). We didn't go and got some negative comments towards us. She is a very good defender and runs like the wind (like me). The best part is after tomorrow no more conflicts and she can do both sports. Very busy summer for her.
  13. We are also in the middle of our season with many tournaments completed and many more to come. My older daughter's team is struggling since they don't have the horses. At least 3 girls should not be playing since they are extremely bad. Many errors occur by them and the parents are blind towards their play. My daughter is not enjoying the season and drags her feet to practices. My younger daughter's team is actually competitive. We do get blown out by AAA teams and we beat up the A teams. At the start of the season they were looking to be a good A team. I personally think they
  14. Just got home from my daughters softball tournament in Cleveland. Her team really stinks and we get blown out by local teams. In Cleveland we were actually competitive and won a game. My daughter also went 11-12 at the plate. So the myth that American girls softball teams are far more superior than Canadian teams is incorrect
  15. https://contests.covers.com/Survivor/Contestant/1c3abf86-065e-e511-9e61-0024e8753722 This guy has gone 20-0
  16. No but I told the girls if they win Monday we will be on the danforth honking in my car. So they may miss school Tuesday. What an amazing time for Toronto and Canada
  17. My younger daughter. She is in the first pic in the background and in the 3rd pic about to hit the pitch (black bat with a yellow knob) https://twitter.com/...738452908097537
  18. We finally did a full softball tournament for both girls in Halton Hills this weekend. It seriously was a killer. Booked a hotel in North Mississauga since the Georgetown one is a dump. My older daughter is really struggling at the plate. Because of that they dropped her down in the order to the bottom. She is upset and it has affected her play on the field too. I know she is not like this and the coaching staff for some reason don’t really practice hitting. So I will have to take it upon myself to do it. She was able to get some quality at bats this weekend and her speed in the ou
  19. I must have watch the replay 50x and I am not sick of it
  20. So far impression of Swoop? Parked the car and cost is $15 a day. Very short walk to the terminal Check in and went through security. Total time spent was 20 mins. Security looked bored so they took their time looking people stuff Sitting in the terminal and it looks like we walk outside to go to the plane
  21. I survived D day. It was a very busy day capped off by taking the family to the airport in the evening. For the first time I had to leave early since it closes at 5 pm. I had to be out by 3 pm due to dinner plans and airport trek. Traffic was horrendous on the 401 but made it in time for everything. The Expo as expected started out slow especially with the extremely nice day out for a Sunday. Turnout was low as expected so I had to be proactive in sales. Sold some junk to a fellow dealer looking for a deal. The junk was sitting in my boxes for nearly 3 years so it was time to move t
  22. Day 2 started out very slow. However I was able to make a few deals to make it a pretty decent day. I had to start latter because I had to hit the bank and buy US dollars for my wife’s trip and my own. My god the rate was a killer What was very noticeable was the number of whaler jerseys and hurricane jerseys. I thought there was only 1 Whaler fan in Toronto Otto friend was did a group break and got Boston for $15. The card he hit was pretty big. An Orr auto number to 5. So only 5 made. I am pretty sure he can get $350 for it Last day of the expo tomorrow. Overall I would sa
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