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  1. if you build the cheap towers to close off an area and then suddenly destroy them, the enemies will go backwards through your maze to take the new "shortcut" at which point you can reseal it with a cheap tower and they'll take significantly more damage.
  2. IQ test: 145 but I lack common sense so it evens out.
  3. 29% Dixie. You are a dandy Yankee Doodle.
  4. Mucking it is more of an option than calling. Calling pf raise with vulnerable speculative hands as a short stack = bad poker. I'll probably push here.
  5. where's the "i hate minimum bets" thread?I don't know if this is a matter of style or not, but I bet the flop to look like I'm protecting my hand from a flush and slow down when the flush comes. Hopefully, someone hits a flush and tries to get value out of their hand when you pretend to control the pot, which will in turn make it easier for you to get value out of yours. Basically, you have a monster so try to inflate the pot. For the reasons that you can't bluff in a 4 handed pot, you don't need to slowplay in one because someone hit something. On the turn, bet closer to pot. No use of preten
  6. "You know the way I like it baby! Now..."
  7. it looked pretty to me because it seems to have drawing potential with two wheel and suited broadways for value both ways (and a little based on the frustration of hitting top and bottom two pair with A2 for a vulnerable high and no chance at a low) but looks are deceiving and i'm starting to see that it brings high reverse implied odds where i'm mostly drawing to 2nd nut type hands. just like any two cards JT+ will look pretty to HE beginners.anyways, thanks for the pointers guys. Will be trying to post more hands but I really don't like the way Bodog's HH is forcing me to manually convert th
  8. i forgot to mention this was limit O8, if that makes a difference on buying in, is 30 Big Bets enough? I'm always buying in max for PL games. so i also meant i thought the hand wasn't worth two small bets to see a flop.generally, i play more conservative but in omaha even more so. trying to break out of nutpeddling.
  9. Still pretty new to the game but I'm starting to love it. Recently sat down at table, no reads except BB bets PF every hand and no one's willing to 3-bet him. BB $28.12 Hero $14.50UTG+1 $25.80MP1 $17.10MP2 $36.65MP3 $17.67CO $18.91Button $5.05SB $22.59Hero is UTG with 4c 5h Qd Kd Hero makes easy fold? It still looks pretty to me, not worth a 2sb flop though right? Does this become a call in LP?How much am I supposed to sit down with? I've been feeling comfortable with $15 so far but I could easily be on a good run of cards.
  10. i don't know anything about cooking, but that **** looks good to me.
  11. a stop watch, garden gloves, and a can of raid. Then we have to go to the liquor store and pick up some "motivation".
  12. lol, all in good spirit. Chucksty repping FCP!! Woohoo!
  13. Come watch blackmetalhead and JohnnyGstaks crush the FT.
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