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  1. going to head up for the prelim events i think, going there in early december too so will have a look around at some sats then(i live in adelaide)
  2. You want a straw to keep sucking up to him?
  3. and yea, his sharkscope went south when he moved up in limits, he used to dominate the $16 ones, which is where you can see a 50k profit in his sharkscpe, btu when moved up to $100's it went bye bye
  4. where were you at the final table? must have missed you
  5. x factor 100% if you play mttshwo can you go wrong withbaxsheetsbelowabove (he now does a fair few vids)and the hand replayer is awesome, i have used my mates card runner a few times, and found the videos to be poor quality, x factor > cardrunners
  6. played a friends private tournament, for his birthday, and got paul wolfe, clownie, michael graig and stu paterson to pay$25 on each pro, $100 if you knock you 2, $1000 if you knock out 3Got clownie first, tried to isolate, and played it like a donk and got luckytry__an__hit posts the big blind of 40The button is in seat #5*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to try__an__hit [Ah 8s]cindy118 foldsClonie Gowen has 15 seconds left to actClonie Gowen raises to 120, and is all inmdkinzer calls 120jussblaze420 foldsRaheelah calls 120spitfire cat has 15 seconds left to actspitfire cat calls 120ivegotstylekid call
  7. tuam must have thought they changed the game to hi low
  8. hachem, considering he also made heads up in the 6 handed last year.
  9. he shoved with the j8and yes, the j 10 v the a 10 was a bad call.
  10. Every call he has made though has been the right one
  11. with that big cry of yes when he won the pot, cant be that big of a hand. ak maybe?
  12. hes going to be thinking about that for a long time.Go the guy whos only be playing poker for 2 years
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