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  1. Really, ?!? is no one involved in a fantasy league this year??
  2. I'm in two keeper leagues which i placed in 1st and 2nd last year. All braggin aside I'm likin my teams besides one of them autopickin for a few rounds cuz I worked late. 1st team is ppr (12 team) and 2nd team starts 2 Qbs (10 team), both award Return yards.Keepers ( I could only keep four and no doubles at position ) P Rivers Chris Johnson R Wayne J Finley The Rest ( in no particular order ) P Thomas, J Maclin, Caddillac Williams, D Mccluster, S Smith(car), L Washington, V Young, Mike Williams (TB) Dallas Def/special teams L Mckelvin for a DB, R Edwards for a DL, and K Morrison for a LB 2n
  3. The only thing that is leading some to believe that Mccoy is the better tackle is because he's a 3 technique undertackle which are much harder to find and therefore more valuable. Suh is more of a nose tackle which are more of a Runstuffer take on multiple blockers position. However considering Suh put up better numbers than Mccoy as a nose tackle speaks volumes about his abilities. I have no doubt in my mind that TB would take Suh over Mccoy (his pathetic showing at the bench press notwithstanding),... I do agree that it could go Bradford then Okung though.
  4. Very true however Suh likely will get picked up by the Bucs if not Lions otherwise. They definitely would not make a chargers - Manning type deal to someone in their own division probably not even in the NFC. How about pick up Suh and give him to the Browns for Cribbs and either QB or some picks?
  5. I don't think tha Rams would trade down to have to play Suh twice a year.
  6. Critical playoff decision!! I have one WR spot and one WR/RB flex spot open. pick em. Antonio Bryant vs Seattle Houshmanzadeh vs Tampa Bay (burleson apparently is out now) Steve Breaston vs Detroit (I think he's a lock to start at WR if fitz don't play,... its why i picked him up) Arian Foster vs St. Louis (picked him up cuz kubiak named him tha absolute starter)THX for tha help
  7. 10 man league scores like this 1 pt per 10 rushing yards 8 receiving yards 15 return yards Rushing / receiving TD's are wort 5 points while return TD's are worth 6 Who to start at the flex? Chris chambers with no bowe around or Darren sproles. KC plays in SD Who to start at TE ? Finley versus Lions or Kellen winslow versus atlanta
  8. I'm wonderin that myself i picked him up in both my leagues thinkin he was due and i got what i thought was great value for him late. both my leagues are keepers tho so what do you guys think? I'm thinkin to hold out till he's back and hope there's a qb change by then and see what happens.
  9. I agree with starting rivers but it was close so I wanted to hear someone else say it. As far as the other starts I can only start three Rb's and thats if i designate one to the flex spot and i have to start three wide receivers. I'm thinkin reggie wayne and Desean (apparently he's fine and curtis ain't) for Wr's and i'm thinkin clifton smith, and Sproles for sure for Rb. So that leaves 1 Wr spot, and 1 W/R flex open with Ginn, Housh, Breaston, Chris Johnson, Darren Mcfadden to choose from with those 2 spots. I like the Jackson start cuz the only way buffalo stands a remote chance is by keepi
  10. One particular league i'm in has some pretty high scoring settings. Rb's and Wr's get 1 pt per 10 rushing/receiving yards, 0.5 pts per reception, 6 pts per touchdown and 10 pts per 100 yard milestones for rushing/receiving. They also get 1 pt per 20 return yards and 5 pts per 100 return yard milestones as well as 6 pt return td's. We start 1 Qb, 1 Te, 3 Wr's, 2 Rb's, and 1 W/R flex. The rest of the positions involve defense and i'm set at what i'm gonna do there. Should I start Philip Rivers hosting miami or Schaub hosting jacksonville? I picked up clifton smith and think i'll put him in
  11. Don't take those last comments as an attack on your integrity in any fashion. You're gonna pick value wise and if that means goin rb rb than so be it, I do it too when conditions determine so. I'm still on board with bennett bein a better pick up at this time, However if Murphy has another solid game this week than I expect him to surpass Schilens on tha depth chart.
  12. I'm kinda leanin towards stewart as well because of the hammy thing and the fact that delhomme's confidence is shattered therefore a spike in RB touches ain't outta tha question Bennett is a solid pick up for sure and i'm pretty sure Meacham is entering the " 3rd year Breakout" season. Speaking of which I think nowadays you can trust rookie WR's more. That rookie WR curse i'd say is dated, especially when an injury or weak corps opens up a spot for a high rounder (I was pleading my case last year when being ridiculed for spending a midlate pick on desean). Washington's injury leaves a chance
  13. I agree and would have to suggest Louis Murphy. He has apparently grown a repore with russel and was targeted 9 times. Until someone else steps up to be a number 1 guy there i think he is it, depending on rule interpretation that could go either way he could of had a 2 td game. Kenny Britt also intrigues me and Robert Meachem is a good pick up if you get return yards as well
  14. Yea I'll do that and ben worked out for me last night (thank god sacks don't count negative in this particular league). I know it's way early but i'm just curious as to which order do you place next year's crop out of Bradford, Mccoy, Tebow, and Snead. My main motivation for waiting was because they'll probably go next year and Brees and Brady were picked b4 my first pick. I would go with bell cuz i'm sure NO will be up lots early and they'll be running out tha clock whilst perserving Bush, also tha jags always seem to play tha colts tough.Also who do you people think has more upside Hakeem N
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