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  1. look at you with all the contacts. cindy violette is hawtttt, put a good word in for the negs?
  2. Bob why did you tell me all that if you are gonna deny it? pfft.
  3. as much as it sucks i cant see them going back on what they have requested. maybe bob can give us some more information.
  4. theyre banned. stars thought that when fcpers got to the same table there was an element of softplaying therefore asking bob not to allow these to run anymore. its a shame, i really loved them!
  5. hey man chill out! thats not nice!sup pilly. ignore this guy.
  6. PokerStars Game #55251154213: Tournament #346020016, $200+$15 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XI (600/1200) - 2011/01/02 20:51:49 WET [2011/01/02 15:51:49 ET]Table '346020016 238' 9-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: seat3ismine (37150 in chips) Seat 2: NL_Profit (34120 in chips) Seat 3: dmon2323 (29700 in chips) Seat 4: BoGronne (37918 in chips) Seat 5: AlusivPnkBny (35036 in chips) Seat 6: bobboufl11 (67257 in chips) Seat 7: sdlowe21 (85508 in chips) Seat 8: kiriggio (41763 in chips) Seat 9: Zindy Lou (17104 in chips) seat3ismine: posts the ante 100NL_Profit: posts the ante 100dmon2323: posts the
  7. in lots. looking to start the year off nicely!
  8. watch tobyfunk---copy tobyfunk---live/sleep/breathe tobyfunk---profit
  9. also rose with her pca package and she final tabled an EPT event.
  10. is there really any point in voting? its gonna be gib.EDIT: forgot about sparco. yeah go sparco!
  11. pm thunderbolt1 on 2+2 i hear hes starting to coach and he's a sicko!
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