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  1. I added your name on skype Dixie. Im Yoda4uall. Im also voices_shh on yahoo messenger.
  2. Im worried im gonna tinker my way into destroying everything.
  3. Would be very helpfull. Thank you very much. Still trying to read through and understand the stats I have.Master Yodavoices_shh
  4. Could use some help setting this up. A little confusing for the first time uservoices_shh on yahoo messenger
  5. I play mostly SNG and MTT. Very Little Cash at all
  6. Just thought Id ask for some advice on using PT3.I got the 60 day trial and loved it. A ton of information, but still not sure how to use it all. When my trial was over, I went ahead and purchased the small stakes version of it. i was hoping someone could help me utilize i tbetter. currently, I'm Just using vpip and pr, but Im sure there is a ton more information I could utilize. I need help setting up the information and understanding what im looking at. I would be greatly appreciative if Anyone could show me the ropes around PT3.Thanks.Charles...aka MAster YodaPS=Voices_shh
  7. look me up..let me know what u would lke me to try.YodaPS name is voices_shhnames also same on yahoo messenger
  8. There are some big differences and some similar problems on both sites...HF has games 7 days a week twice nightly and had over 10,000 players games last year, but very little forum discussion. AT FCP, there is a ton of forum discussion and a better quality of players in general. I guess having a game every night of week makes for easy access. I love the amount of games we play, but FCP and other sites definitly have a better quality of poker talk.I never really cared about the flash chat, but it does help members communicate with each other. The radio really depends on who is hosting. Some ar
  9. Maybe I missunderstood the question. If its games were talking about, then Im really up for anything. Heck, I like Razz,Omaha, stud8 or whatever. Seems the regulars here want 8 game and im fine with that too. (Quick thought) What if we lowered the buyin for odd games like 8 game and horse to $5.50 and keep the NL HOLDEM at $11.00.Master Yoda
  10. Some other thoughts....This is alot work for anyone. If Bob is doing everything, its really to much for anyone person. Think about the things that need to be done.1. Email game2. Post game forum3. Make game on Ps4. Keep track of points.5. Keep track of prizes.This is really alot for one person to do. Im not sure if Bob does it all, but seperating some of this would make things easier. One person doing email, another on points,,etc ...would help make things run more smoothly.People are missing the point of bobs Question. He asking for ways to increase attendance.Honestly, NL HOLDEM is where you
  11. bob.... With experience I know there are a few things you can do to increase attendance.1. Lowering the buyin is the easiest thing you can. Most people on PS play low stakes poker and think $10.00 is alot.2. This is a big one. Send out weekly Email to all members to remind people about the game. For myself, Ill be honest and say only reason I remember is because rose messages me. If not, I would have missed a ton of games.3. Make game easy to find on the site. I myself still dont know where game is promoted on site. Really needs to be on main page and easy to get information. A quick view of m
  12. I told rose this in YAHOO," Your driving me nuts" 4x bets every time had me pullin hair out. The A10 hand was just wacky too.Heads up,,,nm I still have a head ache. A win is a win is a win, so Congrats.
  13. Go ahead and add me in, Im Voices_shh on PS and MASTER YODA HERE. So no rules to the mount of games played or how big the buy in is? Would think someone who can afford bigger buyins will easily sweep this.
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