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  1. Thanks, not for a while though give people a chance to read this thread
  2. anyone up for skipaments tonight? if so can someone set some up, ty
  3. someone set up a skipament on stars, alot will play
  4. gilb we were saying the other day you hadnt won anything big since the grand prix on fcp, this is huge!!!!! congrats man!!!
  5. gilb you are a legend!!! HIBACHI!!!
  6. thought so i was just on your tbl. _Seat3_FT_
  7. Anyone up for skipaments this evening?
  8. yea it was fun, glad someone thought to do these tonight!! oh wait i thought of it!!was all good except for that odd one out who was folding all the time, prob from pokerroom, bit of a donk,
  9. i explained what they are earlier in the thread, check it out, should help you.
  10. thanks for your enthusiasm but doesnt look like we're going to get many to play tonight so we'll give it a miss, thanks man.
  11. yea not sure yet, we'll wait a while on here for some replies, and then ill give you some details. thanks
  12. a skipament is where only 2people are all in at once, if someone utg goes all in. and everyone folds to the bb, then he has to callif no-one goes all in and it folds to the sb and bb, they both have to go all, if utg etc goes in and utg +2 calls, everyone else must fold, no matter what hand you got.
  13. sorry to be a pain its a skipament not a flipament, they are different
  14. lol mo, na not on fcp as i dont really play cash games and that is all it is good for really. you up for skipaments later on stars?
  15. from the lack of response i take it as a no!
  16. any chance of someone arranging some fcp only skipaments on stars!
  17. gl man, im railingalso anyone know or can anyone set up another skipament tourney. they were fun!
  18. you made need some to go with your kfc buckets
  19. hey, just to find out who here likes the O.C and who doesnt post your responses,
  20. so i guess if you were to see it you would like it, ONE TO ME!
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