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  1. I'm listening to The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place as we speak. you, sir, have good taste. and after I get done with Explosions in the Sky I'm giong to listen to Two Gallants and Death From Above 1979
  2. FOULIt's the song title game.Oasis is the band name.
  3. Domino - Pretty Girls Make Graves
  4. Bright Eyes - Noise FloorPretty Girls Make Graves - Elan Vitaland Cursive - Happy Hollow because I saw them last night and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen.
  5. Certainly. And, as I've stated before, what I'm about to say are my own views and interpretations and I DO NOT claim to "know" the answers, and I DO NOT claim to be right, I can only try my best to explain how I feel.The speaking in parables part is definitely a huge point of interest for me. I, too, sometimes question why God(and Jesus Christ) would not want all the souls of mankind saved and forgiven. I think that Christ speaks in parables because Heaven is a reward, not a right(think of that old cliche line in all teenage sitcoms, where the parents explain to the kids that driving is a "
  6. I think you can learn a lot of abstract concepts from High Stakes Poker, the biggest one being relying on reads and analyzing your opponents moreso than your own. That's why they play a lot of hands kind of goofy, and that's also why playing some of the hands exactly like Daniel, or Gus, or Barry, or Doyle etc. may not be profitable in a much lower stakes game. If your interested, listen to the episode of The Circuit with guest Max Pescatori. He doesn't go into much of it, but he does talk briefly about sweating Jen Harmon(sp?) in the big game, and how different it was from normal play. My
  7. I posted this in the tournament forum but didn't get any responses. I was wondering if someone could list some good blind structures for:Heads up NL/PL flop gamesHeads up Limit flop games(which probably isn't different than the first?)Heads up Limit Stud gamesHeads up Limit/NL draw gamesMy friend and I are going to play a bunch of heads up sit-n-gos in a bunch of different games and I don't know really how to set up the blind structures for all the games, especialy Stud.
  8. My friend and I are planning on playing a bunch of heads-up sit n gos in a lot of different games and I need to know what a good blind structure would be for:HU NL flop gamesHU Limit flop gamesHU Stud Games(this is a big one, because I don't really know how to adjust the antes and bring ins and all that)
  9. You bring up some really good points, and I don't even pretend to have all the answers. I'm glad you brought up Matthew 5, because that's one of the biggest things I had in mind when I made this thread. Those last two passages you brought up, in all honesty, confuse the crap out of me. The one thing I've been able to come up with in my own mind(and I'm sure I'll catch a lot of flack for this) is that the passages stand to teach people about sacrificing worldy desire and temptation in order to keep your whole body and soul spiritually clean(which if you don't believe Jesus is the son of God
  10. This was an idea I had a while ago and I thought maybe you guys would enjoy discussing it.and*gasp*it has nothing to do with whether or not God exists.There are already too many threads for discussing that.My idea is: Regardless of your beliefs on God, whether or not you believe any afterlife exists, I think most people in the world(or maybe even everybody for that matter) could benefit a lot from learning and incorporating the teachings of Jesus Christ into their life.
  11. okay.wow.I'm a Christian and even I think this thread is ridiculous. zzz: No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to prove your case. There is no evidence of life after death. Think about it, if there was some hard evidence for life after death, why would there still be so many atheists? Do I believe in life after death? Sure I do, but to claim that there is evidence for it is just stupid. I used to wonder why so many people disliked Christians, and tried to prove them wrong every waking moment. Personally, I very much keep to myself with my beliefs, I just try to live my li
  12. I live basically exactly halfway between Atlanta and Birmingham on I-20. I can't say anything specifically for Roswell, but if you're comparying B'ham and Atlanta, they're both decent, Atlanta just has more to do.
  13. The United States has some of the most confusing foreign policy ever. What sense does it make to invade a country, remove their leader, and stay in that country at war for years and years under the pretense that their former leader may or may not have had weapons of mass destruction, and may or may not have attacked us if we didn't do anything; but, when a real situation is going on where thousands upon thousands of people are dying each month, and we have the power to do something..I don't know what exactly..but something, and we do absolutely nothing? I don't have all the answers(or any fo
  14. If you can't hug another manyou have problems.and the whole "out-gaying the other guy" game is seriously funny. LOL at guys who get freaked out by that.
  15. In the episode where Meg makes the flag-girl squad, at the end of the episode after she's left the party, Quagmire shows up:*Quagmire rings the doorbell**Teenage Girl opens the door*"Hey there, sweetie. How old are you?""16""18? You're First""MOM!""I like where this is going. giggidy giggidy giggidy"
  16. that's interesting, I haven't met a whole lot of people who were into underground/indie music that didn't like, or at least appreciate, Cursive. I love Tim Kasher and all his projects.
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