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  1. I thought i looked pretty good there...you think i shoulda went with a button up shirt?
  2. Oh yeah....I was sitting by the pool drinking bloody mary's....I had been extremely rude to the waitrees so she would make them extra spicky out of spite.....little did she know that was exactly how i liked them.....i had a plan a brewin
  3. if i knew how to look things up i would tell you about the history of les sans culotte
  4. gus hansen is dreamy....i'd let him go all in on me!
  5. you have to know when to holdem and know when to foldem
  6. I woke up and went to play poker. I played some 1-2 no limit and lost 800 dollars. I then went to a buffet and didn't tip the waitress cause i think she was the reason i lost. PS....if you go to vegas this time of year make sure to bring a jacket......psyche!No but in all seriousness....i hate that waitress
  7. I hate aces....i always muck them face up so everyone thinks im crazy! but they never win with them anyway....so i consider that +EV
  8. I think you learn this kind of stuff once you hit 40 posts....
  9. swearing is ok....but underscores are definately -ev
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