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  1. Actually, this should be an option at the player's discretion. Either enable or disable observer chat. See Full Tilt for an example.
  2. ^^^Everything he said except #9. Let's get all of these crazy user interface issues resolved first.
  3. Nitvizn,My display looks just like yours. I had to change one display setting to make it look more "normal".I have a Dell laptop with 15.4" widescreen. I run it at its top resolution of 1680 x 1050. However, I normally have my dpi set to Large Size (120 dpi) instead of the normal size of 96 dpi. This setting is available on the "Advanced" setttings for your display.When I change it to the normal size of 96dpi, the text fits inside of the borders as you would expect. Hope this helps.p.s. I find it quite annoying too. I don't want to run my monitor at 96dpi -- I use 120dpi for a reason. M
  4. Hey f uckface. I've been playing on OnGame since late 2003 - hardly a noob. My response was hardly a flame but an explanation. This one is a flame. GFY.
  5. ^^^^^^There is a very good reason for keeping this secret. They are scrambling to get this implementation up and running on time and they're not sure whether they will make it or not. They don't want to make a promise they can't keep. This is going to be down to the wire. Deal with it.
  6. Sick.NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $0+$0 (Real Money), #1,197,433,236 Protege Seat6 Final Multi Table Tournament, 29 Oct 2006 4:18 PM ET Seat 1: sjbhawk33 ($1,650 in chips) Seat 2: Grinder780 ($1,160 in chips) Seat 3: AAsnake88 ($3,378 in chips) Seat 5: loonybird0 ($1,835 in chips) Seat 6: Kayhole0 ($4,080 in chips) Seat 7: BeantownBoy0 ($5,818 in chips) Seat 8: 2bthebestfcp ($3,715 in chips) Seat 9: jesserbell ($1,265 in chips) Seat 10: Ultimullet0 ($11,755 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSKayhole0 posts blind ($75), BeantownBoy0 posts blind ($150).PRE-FLOP2bthebestfcp bets $500, jesserbell fold
  7. The Soup Nazi and Newman both posting in the same thread. Classic!
  8. ^^^ Pretty f**cking funny on so many levels.
  9. It definitely will not have Java support. OnGame is the only provider that offers it.
  10. How come no results beyond week 3? Also, I realize that the Final Qualifier is still 2 weeks away but how will we register for this event? Will a ticket appear in our account before then?
  11. My point exactly. My original post was a wild-guess as to the percentage of OnGame players that were coming in specifically from Full Contact Poker. So, how does the link you posted... ... as well as the condescending tone help?
  12. Interesting. I had not seen that site before. Too bad it doesn't list Full Contact Poker.
  13. Probably a better **** sucker too but is this really the point?
  14. My not-very-scientific method for estimating the 500 was to look at the OnGame Poker Classic site and see that about 5-6% of the entrants came from Full Contact Poker and then applying that ratio.
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