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  1. Daniel - terribly sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Condolences to you and your family - it sounds like she was an incredible woman. It's good to see you have so many fond memories - hopefully that'll help ease the rough times ahead!
  2. I agree. I'm also trying to remain loyal...but's it is tough.I would love to see two things...1) Some kind of timeline for all these other sites and their estimated user base to join the new network. FCP may not be able to release this info or doesn't know. I too just log-in...see 0 tables active for what I'm looking for and log right back off.2) The priority list for improving the FCP Poker room. What changes are already on the list currently being worked on? Not only is there a huge lack of traffic, but the new software is absolutely horrible. Being that it is beta keeps my hopes the
  3. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. I don't think I could have put my thoughts into words any better than this.....nh.The only thing I'll add is to support a dpi of 120 - a very low priority, but it makes everything look too cluttered and changing it is a pain in the ... This has never been an issue on any other poker software...See thread here for example Text formatting issues
  4. I didn't even think about that. That did fix it, but I don't know which is more annoying. 120dpi is almost a must at this resolution...I don't want to use 96 either...Thanks for the tip...I'm with you...hopefully it will support both in the near future!
  5. I’ve downloaded the new poker software on both my laptop and desktop PC. I’m having issues on my laptop with overlapping text. This happens on the main lobby screen, the tournament screen, and to a lesser extent on the tables themselves.The main lobby picture below shows how the player’s names on the right hand side are all jumbled up. The tourney screen-shot below shows how the text at the bottom with all the information doesn’t “fit” the box it is supposed to go in.Oddly, this problem does not occur on my desktop. Everything appears to be formatted correctly with the text in all screens
  6. Saw from 4 people left on...impressive chip lead! Well done
  7. Cool...that's what I figured. I've got a hat coming my way Thanks!
  8. Are the "Top 10" added prizes mailed out at the end of the promotion? Thanks!
  9. Info said the other day that the shirts DN has been wearing are at the distributor and should be available soon. flop gear has most of the items available for regular purchase.
  10. I have a Dell E1705 and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. It meets all your specs and can easily be had in your price range with one of their deals. Amazing laptop for the price IMO.
  11. MahatmaSpirit RockAplusgame247I think he has a few others that I can't think of at the moment...but mostly Mahatma on UB and Spirit Rock on FT.
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