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  1. 83.57% of all statistics are made up on the spot.You can prove anything with statistics. 73.6% of people know that.
  2. I’m in the process of clearing some bonus $ @ UB. Since the full ring games there aren’t the most profitable, I decided to give the 6-max tables a try.Wow, I couldn’t believe the difference. There are so many more fish at those tables compared to the full ring.Being new to 6-max, one of the things I’m not sure how to handle just yet is the LAP players. I’ve run into a few players who were serious LAPs (ie. 80%VP$IP / 50% PFR / 1.09AF / 50% to SD)What’s the best way to deal with these guys when shorthanded?
  3. Yes. That's what the last line of my post alludes to. Regardless, even if you're able to reduce the number of possible answers, the fact that you have to guess means you don't know the correct answer. Therefore variance comes into play.
  4. One of the problems with most IQ tests is the Multiple Choice format. Because of the format, there is always going to be variance with respect to the answers that are guessed.If a perfect score nets a 99 percentile result then, depending on the number of questions, 1 or 2 incorrect answers would be 98 percentile result.So if you were able to correctly answer enough questions to place in the 98 percentile range you would be guessing on the 1 or 2 questions you don’t know the answer to.Factor in the probability of being able to eliminate some obviously incorrect answers and the chance of scorin
  5. My original point was that IQ tests don't definitively measure natural Intelligence.
  6. I admit my hypothetical illustration was a bit extreme / absurd; but you honestly don't think someone can improve their scores on an IQ test??It's just a test. You're asked to solve a few problems. You really don't think people can learn to do this better? Of course they can. The way our Brains function demands it. IQ scores are going to vary a bit from test to test as its very unlikely for someone to score identically on several tests composed of different questions. It's hardly a fixed number. Fixed within a small range I'd say, my guess would be within 5-10%.It's a pretty widely acc
  7. IQ tests are not real definitive in determining intelligence. One can practice working through the problem solving type questions that appear on IQ tests and actually improve their score significantly. Of course IQ tests do obviously have a good measure of relevance depspite that fact.That being said, I'm sure there would definitely be a high mean IQ for the top pros. Also, I'm sure personality type and EQ play a big part. A good memory (another ability that can be learned) is no doubt also a prevalent trait.PS.Two people take an IQ test:Person A scores 90Person B scores 120Later after bot
  8. Did they just recently go to an invitation only setup for new accounts?I opened a gmail account about a month ago without needing any kind of invite.
  9. Anyone wanting a "Natural" (as if supplements are much different than any other drug) aid for focus I've found that a combo of: Multi-Vitamin / Ginko Biloba / Caffeine or Ephedra works great. Works about as good as the prescription meds. Of course it ends up being more expensive to go "natural" seeing that insurance covers the scripts.
  10. Yup. As to getting bored..... Multi-tabling is your friend. Also, I try not to play if I don't feel I can focus.
  11. Wow. Hate to brake it to you, but...... Poker is all about the money. Decisions you make either make you money, or lose you money over the long-haul.There's this thing called MATH. You should look into it.It's easier to make money off of bad players. You will make more money the more people are willing to play all the way to the river with random cards. The games that are easier to bluff are also the ones where you're good hands won't get paid off.
  12. Heck yeah! Euchre is great. Euchre was my favorite card game for a long time. Spades is fun too.
  13. Not at home right now, but I remember those stats within 1%.VP$IP : 19.5%PFR% : 6%agression factor : 2.3
  14. I just recently started playing online. I need some guidence.Here's the rundown on my poker situation:Started @ Party with the instantbankroll $100 signup bonus.(+85BB) after clearing the rake requirement, then I moved to PokerStars to play within bankroll.- 900 hands played at Party(+62BB) good start at stars(-142BB) downswing I'm in now that has me concerned- 3000 hands played at StarsI've read SSHE and try my best to follow the style of play taught in it.(I use the Tight pre-flop recommendations)I purchased PokerTracker to try to help me evaluate my game. I know I'm not using it to anywhe
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