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  1. Thanks a lot Kato and TJ! That already helps me a great deal! I actually OWN that book... I did flick through it when I first got it and had hoped it to be about NL... Also it didn't have the answers in it, that you just gave me...Don't get me wrong, I don't collect books without reading them, but I ordered 5-7 books from the US and so had plenty of other NL-books to read that were relevant to me at the time... So I might read it soon and give Limit a bit of a shot (don't like to do it too half-assed, so it'll have to wait a bit longer)A few of the others where:- The poker Mindset- Hold'em
  2. Hey all, I know the topic sounds strange, yet I hope you can help me:I've been playing NL-Hold'Em On- and Off-Line for close to 5 years now, yet Limit poker doesn't make any sense to me...How does it work? I don't mean "how do you play it" but "how does it differ" from No-Limit?A few points on what I don't get:- can you even make descent money without all ins and big bets?- how do you read somebody, if he can only bet 1 amount? How do you intimidate them or bluff them?- during later streets: how the hell do you know where you stand in the hand?- am I right in saying that NL-Hold'Em allows for
  3. Dude, you read my mind! I was ready jump through the screen to strangle those idiots... Ruined at least the last 3 episodes for me... I loved hsp, now it's just another show...Thats what I LOVE about PAD, Ali doesn't ruin the show by liking to hear himself talk for hours on end...
  4. Divorced??? Damn, I'm slipping...I always wondered how they hooked up in the first place, since I couldn't make sense of it... But I really don't know Jack about their relationship, so why don't I shut up already...
  5. lol, that must be the dummest thing I've heard today, maybe this week...Let's forget for a second, that vegans and vegetarians are a bit misguided to start with... But these guys take that little misconception they have and turn it into a full blown psychic-disorder... I really feel sorry for them... :icon_confused:btw: I don't hate or even dislike vegans or vegetarians, it's their choice to eat whatever they want. Just like it's my choice to eat everything left untouched by them...
  6. Let's get one thing straight: A Logitech Mouse is NEVER better! I've used pretty much all mouses over the time and stuck to Razer mice from my very first Boomslang2000 to this very day! An Inch of Movement get's me all across my screens with precision like a mofo... Also you can adjust the sensitivity without even taking your hand of the mouse... Rulez for everything... Normal PC use, games, poker you name it... Also I HATE cordless mouses and keyboards... I NEVER had one, but my dad cries to me on a weekly basis that his stuff doesn't work and I have to fix it...Razer 4tw!
  7. So you could point to my hometown munich on a map? Or even germany for that matter? I think in a country, where a complete idiot/thug like Georgie "FU" Bush managed not only to get into office but get REELECTED with his trackrecord, I don't think we have to talk about the populations average intelligence...Now, don't get me wrong... There is exeptions, for example many of the poker players that know what they are doing seem to be slightly more intelligent than the average american...
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