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  1. Are they working on the problems of allowing echecks in certain states?I wish I could deposit and play, but credit cards and now echecks aren't working and going to western union and paying the fees for that just isn't worth it.
  2. (Table Orange 96)Seat 1: Joey Lawrence - 878000Seat 2: Gordon Eng - 175000Seat 3: Fernando Gordo - 745000Seat 4: Hamid Nourafchan - 301000Seat 5: Charles Chrysostomou - 254000Seat 6: Ludovic Lacay - 1608000Seat 7: Mike Brooks - 558000Seat 8: Stan Jablonski - 782000Seat 9: Michael Merichko - 1020000As in THE Joey Lawrence???
  3. Going to Niagara Falls in about, well a car ride, and wanted to know what the casino action is like up there.I've checked out the websites and have seen Seneca Niagara having a Spring Break Tourney I'm going to be playing in, but none of them list any cash game limits. Any info?Also if there is a good restaurant that's not directly in Niagara, recommendations are quite welcome. I see that Welland and St Catharine are what look like pretty big towns nearby. The interwebs have proven pretty useless in finding places that aren't overpriced and touristy to eat at.Thanks!
  4. Since I'm such a book nerd I have a list on my computer that I share anytime someone asks me for a book list.(Robert Greene is pretty fantastical! Read his other two books if you haven't already and he is coming out with a new one I believe by the end of the summer.)Sellevision -Augusten BurroughsThe Player - Michael TolkinThe Red and The Black - StendhalThe Thurber Carnival - James ThurberLord of the Flies - William GoldingThe Swann's Way - Marcel ProustBrighton Beach Memoirs - Neil SimonGrub - Elise BlackwellThe Making of a Counter Culture - Theodore RozakThe Pearl - John SteinbeckThe Rum Di
  5. Without going into much detail, can you explain your pretty abrupt about face about playing on AP Checky? If you want to PM it that would be fine as well, but I'd appreciate any inside info if you've got it.
  6. Ever thought of going down south to somewhere like Shreveport, LA? Close distance to some riverboats plus there is more to do and you beat the heat and humidity of the summer.
  7. Oh it's by far worse than that.A9 from the BB and UTG shows up with 106
  8. I love everything about this hand...Absolute Poker $2/$4 Limit Hold'em - 6 players Pre Flop: (1.5 SB) Hero is MP with 5 5 UTG raises, Hero calls, 3 folds, BB 3-bets, UTG caps!, Hero calls, BB callsFlop: (12.5 SB) 5 3 T (3 players)BB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets, BB calls, UTG callsTurn: (7.75 BB) 3 (3 players)BB checks, UTG bets, Hero calls, BB callsRiver: (10.75 BB) A (3 players)BB bets, UTG calls all in, Hero raises, BB 3-bets, Hero caps!, BB calls
  9. It is possible to gain 8 pounds in a day. Water weight would be key to this as well as foods that have the ability to expand and weigh more in your stomach, ie rice, pasta...However, if you are on the side of the bet where you don't think it is possible, MAKE SURE that you make the day run from 12 noon till 12 noon. This will give you the best chance of winning as the person you are betting will probably be asleep for a portion of the bet more likely the end of the bet where digestion will take place at some point in time.If the person is smart however they won't eat anything until the last 4
  10. I want to stab donktards who just catch and catch and catch and seem to do so with stunning frequency the worse they play.
  11. Well I've finally broken out of whatever the hell I had going on the last month, at least results wise. Bob, I'm grateful for that little piece of info about my river play. I've curbed that drastically tonight and I've seen a multiple of things that have stopped. One, I'm getting more folds on the turn then usual as I'm not showing bluffs down so much by donking rivers over and over again, and I'm obviously saving a few bets by not bluffing boards that don't appear to be scary.A few things:Checky and anyone else who plays in games where the SB and BB are closer in value than other games. For i
  12. Sorry Wsox I thought that was directed at Checky not me.I don't have any hand histories with you however, I only just recently started playing mostly at AP.
  13. Well I'm going to keep plugging away for the time being on AP and see what turns up. Thanks Bob for the advice as well, I'll be much more conscious of my river play as I can admit to having a tendency to bluff a lot of rivers and call a lot of rivers.That group of players is bottom to top who I've lost the most to, but whale and padre are pretty close. Nothing significant to either one, but I've lost almost 70 BB to OWDOGG alone.
  14. Well I'm sort of glad that you listed off those players.The biggest losses out of that list are the bottom 4, 1 of them a professional and the other you are calling top 3-4 at that limit. Might explain a bit.
  15. Biggest loses toToohottotrotHedgehog65Wildragon7Padre19Whaletail116AintcoolOWDOGG
  16. Folding SB to steal is low 70's for both and mid 50's for both for fold BB.
  17. These hands are pretty indicative of my playing style so I don't think there would be much of a variation if the sample size were much larger.
  18. Here are some stats for you2/4 4543 hands bb/100 -2.08, VPIP%32.8, PFR% 18.2, WTSD% 38.8, W$SD% 49.1, AGG 2.6, Flop AGG 2.3, Turn AGG 2.96, River AGG 2.751/2 2747 hands bb/100 -.82, VPIP% 28.0, PFR% 16.9, WTSD% 41, W$SD% 45.1, AGG 3.06, Flop AGG 2.95, Turn AGG 3.40, River AGG 2.79Any other stats meaningful?
  19. Well I'm importing hands into holdem manager and I'll let you know what that spits out at me.I may try switching sites per your suggestion. I just don't see how drastically the game could have changed in the year off I took. I was a winning player back in the US Party days at 5/10- 10/20 and was a winner over 250k hands at 2/4 on stars after that so I really don't know what the problem has been as of late.
  20. Pretty much all on AP, I do have accounts everywhere though so I jump sites whenever, but I'd say 90% on AP
  21. I jump all around, but yes mainly 1/2, 2/4. I'll pop into a 3/6 game if it has someone on my list or I'll dip to the .25/.50 game when things are going bad and I just can't stomach losing anymore money.
  22. I'd like an honest opinion to this question.How much losing can one player have before it becomes a fact that they just aren't good as opposed to they are just running like dog shit?I'm talking more sample size of hands as opposed to actual money.It's been far too long that I've put together two winning sessions and I just have become 100% discouraged with every session I play. It's like a total uphill fight right from the go. I've yet to sit down at the tables and not be stuck 10BB+ within an orbit or two and from then on it's just a progression of getting close to even and then dropping unti
  23. Checky, would you ever consider folding pre in that hand? I know you are the BB and there's a ton in the pot to you, but beyond flopping quads, is this a standard play you make, just curious more than anything.*edit beyond flopping quads or some other amazing hand, is there a reason to even see the flop beyond the ATC argument?
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