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  1. I read a lot, and feel like I've been stuck in a rut lately as far as reading the same subject matters over and over. I like reading a lot of scientific stuff (Richard Dawkins, Robert Wright, E.O. Wilson, etc.) along with most of the staples of the Western canon of literature (Dostoevsky, Vonnegut, Puzo, Price, etc.). Got any recommendations for me?For you all, I recommend 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. Ciao. Back to sporadic lurkage for the next six months or so.
  2. Wow, spot-on comparison. Ziigmund = albino monk.
  3. I hope that Daniel starts to smack everyone around, but watching Dwan was a real treat, no? Watching him and Ilari play live is so much fun.
  4. Daniel's boy got elected, therefore political discourse in a poker forum need not continue.LoL
  5. Ivey has got to be the best high-stakes gambler of the last five years. Regardless of the hottest up and comer (Townsend, durrr, Antonius, Galfond etc.) Ivey seems to always be right there.
  6. High Stakes Poker (save the OCCASIONAL WPT/PAD telecast) is the only poker on TV worth watching. The rest is just silly pop culture happenings.
  7. LoL Chet Steadman sympathizing. It's Busey at his purest.
  8. Terrible post, too much shiraz, brain shifted to poker hand that was bugging me. I think I'll think to pithy commenting until I gather up some postage cred. Sorry to all.
  9. 2-7 triple/single draw is titz.Badugi sucks.I'm obv. biased, but I don't know. Badugi is garbage.
  10. I've loved Ted Forrest ever since I saw him for the first time on one of the sickest WPT line-ups ever, the season 1 championship. The guy epitomizes what I love about the game; he maximizes his degeneracy and reaps the benefits. Now if only I had his skill/fortitude/balls/dedication, I could be a helluva player.
  11. I'm a noob, obv...to dissuade But, on a flop of 2-6-10 rainbow, how should I play top set when someone bets pot in front of me? The SB led out 2/3 pot and I check-called, but should I have raised? It was a 5-10 NL game, and I went bust when the board came spade spade.I check-called flop for $60, and bet $220 on turn and got called. River crushed me, and I check-called again. Lost to A-2 of spades.
  12. McCain loses. You can't win via the issues, so you're crying media bias? Fox news has been pushing Ayers, ACORN, Wright associations etc. into the ground. Rush Limbaugh is the most unrepentant smear merchant in the country. Michael Savage is an outright racist. By his own logic (of labeling people by associations), Sean Hannity is an anti-Semite because of his ties to Hal Turner and Andy Martin*. While intelligent media folk may do a better job of covering up small biases, the neocons are downright terrible at it.*And while I did get info on Savage and Limbaugh off of mediamatters, I actually
  13. Agreed with what someone said about this forum providing valuable discussion. Arguments are so much more fruitful when it's done in a respectful and civil manner. As for the others, blah.
  14. "pusillanimous" - Quite an impressive word for such an ignorant, small-minded unoriginal comment. Noble pundits such as Rush Limbaugh and Bill Cunningham beat you to the point, friend. How about putting down the thesaurus and ceasing the hate-mongering. It's idiot comments like this that are/will prevent any potential surge for McCain in the closing days. As a North Carolinian, I've been BOMBARDED with smear-pamphlets from the GOP and several PAC's regarding Ayers, Marxism, etc. Enough is enough. Run a better candidate in four years.
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