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  1. Listen up you Donks Me and my Bruvvah Ron Own Beggar (Pokerroom) We take it over Next month Sign up bonus is 3% New customers Get Beggar overcoat And Beggar Hat
  2. Cheers I`ll be going again in the Morning But tomorrow I`ll be having 2 sausage and egg mcmuffins I hope to see the 3 blokes There again
  3. This morning I took my new car out And decided to have a Maccy d`s brekkie While eating my Big Breakfast 3 geezers came up to me Asked if I wanted to play Poker I said "yeah" and they got The cards out Well, after an hour I walked away over 8k up How cool is that?
  4. All you lot seem Obscenely jealous Of my big win last night Picture the scene now. I`m sitting inside my club Bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket Packet of Cigars on the go 3 chicks sitting opposite CCTV screen showing me the bogs And about to order 4 chicken vindaloos
  5. A gaff= A house My gaff has 9 bedrooms And 3 Khazis I got the chicks with me at the Minute Later on we`re off down my club The Double R
  6. Just been cruising round In my new Merc Picked up 3 chicks in it Then we went for a Kebab
  7. What the hell you on about? Over here our dough is in Quids Not Dollars I`m going out in my new Merc later Got to do a bit of business
  8. The scene-- Underground dive bar in club in South London The game-- NL Hold Em The stakes-- £5000 buy in Payout-- £50k to winner + New Mercedes Players-- All villains, crooks, nonces, snides and coppers Started last night at 2am, I played tight early. Accumalated chips here and there, won some nice hands with premiums. Got to 4am and we were down to the final 20. I pick up AA in the BB, folds to the button who shoves. I call and I knock him out. I`m now CL, I cruise to final table, where I start bullying my fellow crims. 7 to go and I`m massive CL. I can`t lose surely. Pick up the Kray Twins h
  9. You don`t want much Porridge then Do you? It was a regular word When I was in the Scrubs For a 8 stretch Had their own landing But big safety net under it
  10. Fatman If you`re from Liverpool You should know what one is Its standard language. You`ll never be any good At online Scrabble At this rate
  11. M101A1-105 Personal Abuse Mods Ban him please I posted a thought/theory And I get attacked by this nonce Mods Do your job please
  12. Mini Raises Deserve to get crushed Blinds 15/30 tonight I have 10 6 in BB UTG Mini raises All folds to me Flop 663 I bet He re raises all in? I call He shows AA Turn 4 River 4 Goodnight
  13. Bunch of Nonces It`ll happen I worked it out On some Double R Headed notepaper From my club
  14. After careful analysis And much thought Poker will officially Burst its bubble In Feb 2007. Stock prices Of Poker sites will head south. New players Will arrive in dribbles. New craze of summer 2007 To be Online Scrabble for money
  15. Bobetter-- You snide grass You`re like the kid In the 5 inch thick Specs And Spots Wah wah wah Nonce
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