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  1. Somebody educate me....Can I not open up a checking account in Canada, Mexico, The UK, etc....and just wire money from my US bank to the other....and then deposit into poker sites from my non US account? Can you not open a checking account in a country that you dont live in? What about the rich people with Swedish bank accounts? What if I live near the Canadian border...can I go across and open up an account? No law will ever stop US banks from doing busienss with foreign banks.This seems like too easy of an answer....what is wrong with this scenario?
  2. I am an amateur but i feel like you could go either way with this....You are dealt aces in the big blind. 3-6 limit table, everyone calls, do you check or raise? I would think that you would want to get more money in knowing that you have the best hand....but chances are eveyone is going to call.....so why not wait to see the flop and then push....Thanks.
  3. Ok I know its only $3-$6 but I'm just curious if I played this right.I'm at Harrahs in Kansas City playing $3-$6 limit. I am an amatuer and I had just sat down at the table so I had no reads on anybody.I am dealt Q-3 diamonds in middle position. I call and see a flop with 5 players total in the pot, 2 behind me , 2 in front. Flop is Ace, 4, 8, all diamonds. Its checked around to me and I raise $3 figuring I would get a few callers at least. The last few hands everybody was going to the river with garbage. Only 1 caller - small blind. Turn is the 2 of spades. I check since we are up to
  4. Hey Daniel. Nice imitation of Dave Chapelle. I dont think anyone at the table knew who Dave Chapelle was. HAHA Im Rich Biatch!
  5. Hellmuth is a tool. What was even more funny was when Daniel started doing Dave Chapelle and no one at the table had a clue who Dave Chappelle was. HAHAHA IM RICH BIATCH!
  6. cool, thanks. any good adult clubs up that way?
  7. I will be in Appleton for biz next week? Where are the casinos that have poker rooms? Anyone know of any? Isnt there one in Milwaukee?
  8. Yea, I dont even care if some of those stories are made up...they are hysterical. The one where he goes to the hockey game and puts a beating on the mascot....that is fantastic!!!
  9. Earlier in the week somone posted this dude's site in the middle of a thread.....whoever it was....Thank you. I am laughing my freakin $%^&* off. Is this guy for real? Anyway...whoever made the post, thank you.
  10. right...i got all that...but what about my question....is my buddy blind?
  11. Buddy of mine just downloaded PP fromthe .com site not the .net site. He is saying that the play money tables are not showing up.....is he blind? If you download from the .com do they not show you the free tables?I didnt think there was a difference between the .com vs the .net site.
  12. I'm just not so comfortable giving them my chex acct number...rather use a cc.
  13. But with IGM you have to give them your checking account number right? Or can you use a CC?
  14. I have the hardest time figuring out what hands my opponents may hold. Anyone know of any books or sites that play the game "what hand do i have?" You know...it gives you a summary of the hand and then asks the question. Tells you the answer and explains the reasoning. Smash did this once in his blog....Thanks for the help.
  15. C'mon FCPers.....help a bro out.
  16. Lookin for some new ones......what are your all's favorites?
  17. A few weeks...maybe a month ago....someone started a thread about the best non -poker sites......i can t find it...anybody rememeber when exactly it was....thanks
  18. Better to sit to the left or right of a loose agressive player? Big argument here with a buddy of mine...please settle.
  19. I'm playing in a game next week where most of the players only know what they know from TV. I play a decent amount, online and B & M. What tells do you all think that amateurs show the most? Thanks for the input.Reacting to the flop.Checking cards multiple times.Raising too fast, too slow......Counting chips - ready to raise out of turn...etc.....
  20. "Bang her sister" LMAO!!!Let her bankroll dry up and then loan her $$$ and charge interest or sexual favors.
  21. We already worked out a deal with the Poker Room Manager. We will have our own private table for 4-5 hours.
  22. My company has an annual sales meeting in KC every year and this year we are all going to sit down at a 3-6 table at Harrahs. Table will be 8-9 handed. I am an average player....I have read a few books and play 5-6 hours online per week. I deposited $100 into Party 6 months ago and have yet to have to redeposit. My competition will be the following: 1 guy who plays at B & M regularly and plays loose agressive, likes to see every flop. 3-4 others only know what they know from TV, and the rest wont know that a flush beats Ace high. How do i play? I'm really not worried about the one
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