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  1. Okay so I know I am reviving an old thread but I have been away for a while on vacation so please excuse the timing.Daniel in your written blog you said you skipped the Wild Animal Park.The zoo is actually not as good as the wild animal park. Next time you and Lori are there I would highly recommend it. The USS Midway is also pretty cool. Hopped on it with the intent of spending an hour aboard, and blew the whole afternoon. The retired staff they have working it are excellent to talk to and I thanked them for their service. Also recommend Old Town. More than one great place to stop for f
  2. Not everyone has class on the golf course either (John Daly)So the guy playing poker swings a chair over his head like an idiot. He represents society. Not all of it is good.
  3. the comment on lefty was a bit of a joke... just like daly is a beached whale etc... Anyway does anyone believe you can get through a field of 8700 plus players without any poker knowledge or skill?If so I'll drop ten grand on my mom for next years meIt is harder for a pro to win than 15 years ago. But the sport is bigger. So it should be harder to win!Anyway that is my rantCheers
  4. Patience... I have no patience I'm an internet player
  5. Also with 70 million players 8700 is .01 percent of the poker population. Just like the masters.There are donks. Just like the masters. (insert lefty comments at anytime)The winner of the main event has played against some of the best players in the world that could get there on that day, pro or amateur.So for that moment, on that day. He is the world champion.That is till PartyPoker, or Pokerstars or any other site hosts a tournament on the following sunday. Its a one shot deal, just like the NCAA's you need to be good, but you also need a bit of luck.I am sure even DN likes to have a bit
  6. Happy you used the golf analogy.Not that an amateur has won, but anyone can qualify and has a chance to win the US open.All you have to do is work your way up the qualifying field.So lets say joe poker player wins a WSOP tourney on PP and qualifies for the ME. Sounds similar to the US open system for golf???Here is an idea. Maybe because of the growth of poker, the accessability of the training the pros give all of us in their books and videos it is easier for an amateur to hit close to a pro players status in poker.Because of this only the truly patient, and flexible pros have had repeated
  7. Guys there are 70,000 on pp a day.So 8500 playing for a world championship is not that big. Really it isn't. If anything the pros have an advantage because they can read players better. That is why DN had so much success. He stopped playing the cards, and started playing the people.Most of the people that were in the WSOP won their seats also. That means they won some sort of qualifier or event to get there. Some getting past a couple thousand just to get their seat.In my mind that qualifies them to play for the big enchilada. I would rather see someone qualify in than just hand over 10
  8. I think you need to give serious consideration to Greg Raymer, After winning the world series he made the top 30 the following year in the main event. Moving through 10,000 people in both tourneys.Thats talent.Also take nota a certain Ausie champion Hachem is hanging around this year with a sizeable stack going into day 3.You can not ignore consistent success in a tournament with such a large field. In what is described as a crap shoot they have found a way to play solidly and beat the field. More than once.And finally yes.. DN is in my top three, and I am cheering for him and Hachem to mak
  9. I just wanted to join the rest of the herd in wishing you good luck today at the WSOP.I started playing for fun with my buddies, and got more into it after watching your lessons on the SCORE. You are a tremendous ambasador not only for our game, but also our country.Have a fantastic day, GO CANADA GO... GO CANADA GO...Wylecoyote esq.
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