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  1. I knew this board was liberal leaning but damn....I think the thing a lot of people missed was that the kind of person who exercises their right to have a concealed weapon is typically the type of person who would have it at both a poker game and a picnic. Which means he isn't carrying it because he is afraid of what will happen at the game specifically, he is carrying it because he wants it with him at that moment he needs to defend himself, his family, or his property from thugs. If that moment happens to be during a home game he just wants to be ready.As far as the effectiveness of guns in
  2. I certainly hope so, now all DN needs to do is TID and he gets:2nd Bracelet this year, #5 overall1st Chip Reese Memorial Trophy ever1st on all Time money list1st place by good margin in PoY standings going into the final stretch.+$200k from Ivey and whoever else he has bets with stillIn short, if there was ever an event DN was hungry to win this one has to be it.TID!
  3. http://www.worldseriesofpoker.com/players/...asp?sort=poypts^^PoY chart, at the top it lists the events that are zero points and the 50k isn't on it anymore.
  4. I haven't posted in a long time, but this was worth logging in for:First, the ESPN Air Date listed for this event is August 19th, so they are planning to air it.Second, I've either gone completely insane or I saw on the official wsop site that the 50k horse was going to count for PoY. Someone please confirm/refute this, I remember seeing it as a scrolling text towards the top of the page with a red background...I hope I'm not insane =P
  5. Someone should tell Imper1um that he is not allowed to multi-table the ME....
  6. Just to sum up my points again, then I will be off to let you folks continue this seemingly endless debate.1) Nobody should ever be allowed to re-enter a tournament as a result of something like this, no matter how wrong the staff was.2) A refund should be issued IF touching a cell phone resulted in the killing over several other hands as Singer claims. Even if this is an incorrect ruling singer gave away information about his hand as a result of the action of tournament staff and did so correctly (once again IF Singer's assertion is true).3) The rule logically must be about preventing any in
  7. Wow, way to take it too far.... but lets take a look at your back to back posts, there was bound to be someone expressing their ill-formed opinion.... At no point did I advocate a ban on anything, you can stop trying to put words in my mouth, tyvm. This little blurb is nothing more than an attempt to imply that this whole thing is a slippery slope to banning all interactions as you go into great detail to explain below. But nobody here has said this should be the case. Interactions between spectators and the rail is not allowed as it stands, so I don't see where you are going here. This r
  8. First of all, addressing this specific situation: I can see how people may be split on this issue but to say there is no argument is pretty naive...a few points...1) The spirit of the rule is to prevent players from gaining an advantage through use of information from an outside source. 2) A simple ring of the phone can all by itself give that piece of information to a player. 3) It is obviously up to the floor to determine the interpretation of the rule, but ultimately the rule exist more as a means of deterrence then to actually catch cheaters, otherwise the penalty would be disqualificat
  9. I don't see why you took exception to my comments Jam-Fly, I merely said he had a legitimate complaint. I think whether he should be refunded depends on whether his claim "people have had their hands declared dead for simply touching a cell phone" are true. And I said as much before. As far as my ideas about the rule being to lenient, I don't think you would argue that it is within the realm of common sense to assume a cheater would use any advantage he felt he could get. And similarly it is within common sense that at one of the biggest poker events of the year cheaters are going to try to c
  10. David Singer has a legit complaint and the rule about cell phones is too lenient.Plain and simple, the rule needs to boil down to stopping any player from receiving information from an outside source while playing a hand. The rule should include killing a hand for a phone ringing while you have a live hand, I might even go so far as to give a penalty to any player receiving a call during a hand regardless of their status in the hand. To have the phone ring at all can give information, you simply need to inform the person in advance that that a call means fold/call/raise/etc and any number of
  11. This is another common problem, only for Gateway's this time obv.It can be repaired but I am pretty sure its another steep price tag. PS - If you think it sucks for you, my friend who has the problem has no functioning battery so whenever it happens to him his computer shuts off.
  12. its all good~I gotta run and take care of some things, you guys have fun lamenting.PS - If DN reads this, tough luck man, from everything I have read/heard you did all you could to make it happen, not much more you can ask of yourself.
  13. Very True dbrent, but the hand was indicative of how he got short in the first place.edit PS - I love how everybody focused on the part of my post stipulated as the "not to mention" lol
  14. I am right there with you but I am pretty sure for DN even 2nd place money wasn't going to be enough..
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