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  1. So crazy. I’m sorry I doubted you Kyle Dubas. You are a badass.
  2. I really hope we don’t go thru this again next year. I would like the Matthews and Marner contracts done ASAP. But I doubt it’s happening during the season. Especially Marner
  3. Great stuff Dave. I’m more into nhl and mlb with my small dabbling of DFS. Do you do other sports? Especially NHL. I figured your knowledge of hockey would be an asset or so you think NFL is easier to exploit with a lot more recs?
  4. Let it be and we move on. I think if he doesn’t sign and sits out it doesn’t help his cause with another organization either.
  5. Lot of silly and fun tweets. Best one today. The NHL 3 stars of the week all wear 29. Hmm. Nylanders number
  6. Shark fans are losing it. If they lose this one today it’s going to get really ugly.
  7. Twitter about to blow up with the obligatory 24 hours are left tweets.
  8. Auston Matthews after seeing Laine score his 100th goal in 179 games. "Hold my beer, I got this" He needs 14 goals in 23 games to beat him. Dont count him out.
  9. I’m getting worried. I wonder what sort of a return we could get ?
  10. I know a lot of people are a fan of Dubas, and I am too. But if this situation goes south, its a black mark on his resume. I get standing firm and i get not being run over by an agent as well. I think Matthews should of been signed in the off season. It was a no brainer , max term , max money contract. Mitch Marner should of been signed as well..Marner will now no doubt cost a lot more than he would of before the season. Unless they have deals in place and just waiting to sort out the Willy situation. There is a lot of tough decisions in the off season that have to be made. The Matthew
  11. From whats been out there, there is not a lot of leaks on this story. The Friedman thing is a bit perplexing. I hope he is just doing it to get views and clicks, which is the job of the media. I find the Babcock comments the most telling. He has thrown in unsolicited and unprovoked comments about Nylander in recent press conferences and interviews. He is either taking a public jab at Dubas to make sure this thing gets done, or he knows whats happening in the background.
  12. Interesting and stupid at the same time. Carolina team will hold Shootouts BEFORE the game, just in case there is a tie. NASCAR fans might go for it, who knows. https://www.carolinathunderbirds.com/news/thunderbirds-testing-new-rule-to-begin-games-with-?fbclid=IwAR1SEzWWgcJij1O3xR34fkk0uKKnKk0WWxkJTG7Bhrgy2CGUZUnPSEOtbzQ
  13. I assure the suburbs where us hockey families live is way safer than Scarborough
  14. Great quote from Jim Ralph last night. "Babcock is going to get a ton of calls from parents , that their kid isnt getting enough PP time"
  15. Interesting Pickard gets claimed by Arizona. Darling going on waivers today
  16. There is also a CBDzzzz product which helps you with sleeping. I dont have that issue so havent used it. Its a mix of melatonin and CBD..I have a friend who has major sleeping issues and he says it has worked great.
  17. Yes. There is the oil that is soluble in water. I have been taking the capsules however. So people take it for many different reasons..Weight loss( i have noticed that it does suppress your appetite)..Just makes you more alert and able to focus more. And also has a lot of benefits for pain and inflamation. I have gout and have been looking for an alternative to the drugs that I have been taking to deal with it. So far I feel good, I have energy and I dont see a downside to it yet...Again its not FDA approved and not a lot of clinical scientific proof yet, other than I think for epileps
  18. Not sure what the legality of the Cannaboid products are in Canada( I think totally legal now).. I have started to take them and I can see a huge difference since I started. There is no THC in these products( the ingredient from Cannabis that makes you high). Its all natural from hemp. While there is not a lot of medical evidence to support the benefits, I have seen a tremendous positive results from friends that have used it.. Its the biggest thing here, and pretty much the wild west when it comes to this product. Some of the claims are that it helps with cancer patients, epilepsy, pa
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